The Cupcake

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The Cupcake, also known as Sonja Louise Chetan was born on September 24, 2010 at 6:05 p.m.

She is our first child.

She is beautiful.

You will probably never see her face on this blog though, sorry.  That is her sweet daddy's way of protecting her.  I do my best to respect his wishes.  But, because this blog is mostly about me being a D.I.Y. Crafty Mommy, I do put post pictures of her (without her face).

She is a home birthed, breastfed, mommy riding, non-plastic playing, co-sleeping, cloth diapered (and potty training) baby.

The name Cupcake comes from her conception story, it just so happens that I went to a baby shower the day she was conceived and the mommy-to-be had baked some yummy vegan cupcakes.  I already loved cupcakes so I ate one and took a few home with me.  After enjoying each other's company, Husband ate one of those cupcakes, and a baby was inside.  A little tiny plastic baby.  The mother-to-be had baked a few of the tiny toys into the cupcake and whoever ate one was supposed to have the next baby.  Well 9 and 1/2 months later we had the "next" baby, and we call her Cupcake.