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If you missed the news, I've changed the name of this blog to Hawks and Honey!  I'm super excited about the change and you can find me at:

Thanks for your loyalty and readership!  I hope to see you following along at Hawks and Honey!

I'm stay at home mom with a do it yourself outlook.

I'm a twenty something, mostly stay at home mama to two wonderful daughters.  I teach art part time and blog on the side.  Before the baby growing, I wanted a project house and in 2009, I got it.  A move in ready 1959 home with a much needed face lift. Husband and I are slowly updating the house with the help of a few family and friends {and a few licenced contractors}.

I am happily married to my best friend and high school sweetheart; known here on this blog, affectionately as, "Husband".  We are sacrificing a consumer driven lifestyle to raise our kids with with the natural world in mind,  I had a home birth to avoid unnecessary medical interventions {and therefore avoiding unnecessary waste, and medical equipment}.  We cloth diapered and E.C.. I breastfeed {no prepackaged formula or plastic bottles here} and we avoid plastic toys and toxic cleaning supplies.  We do lots of things ourselves like gardening, home projects, and eventually; homeschooling.

We call our first daughter, Chetan, honoring the Hawks that circled our home during her birth.  And our second, Basil Bee, because of our fondness to nature and gardening, she's sweet like Honey.

You can follow along on this blog for my Functional Friday tips, Artist of the “Week” posts, Upcycling, Precycing  Gardening & Organic living posts, along with Before & After projects around our home, with photos of course!

I've started the D.I.Y. Handmade Exchange Project, and hoping you'll join me!

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