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For those of you who missed my posts during my pregnancy here are all the noteable posts I made:

Baby (a.k.a. Cupcake) is due end of September and/or early October. We are waiting to find out the gender of the baby until She or He gets here! We're doing a home birth (or at least planning on it) and working with an amazing midwife, Shell Walker, LM. We plan on doing this whole parenting thing as naturally as possible, which is really hard to explain to family and friends when they keep asking me where I'm registered. I have to keep reminding them babies actually NEED very little, food (a.k.a. my boobs), shelter, and love. But, because people kept asking, I made a wish list of other items such as diapers and accessories for people to get ideas from (and I did end up registering for a few items, just in case).  Happy Baby Growing!

19 Weeks:

Dressed up at 20 Weeks:

29 Weeks:

more to come later...

I'm now 31/32 Weeks but being this big, it's hard to want to step in front of a camera. I promise to post a new one soon :)

31 Weeks

looks a little something like this:

Polaroid with my favorite new program available at:

Low-Risk vs. High-Risk Childbirth

We started our parenting/birthing "classes" last week with a wonderful Midwife,Mani Canaday. I say "classes," because we meet with her one-on-one at her home, and it's more like catching up with an old friend than being lectured on childbirth. She's been super informative and since she works closely with the Midwife (Shell Walker L.M.) who will be birthing our child with us, she is able to give a lot of examples of how things will go for us, specifically.

In our recent meeting, we discussed; positions for birthing, exercises I should be practicing, expectations in labor and affirmations for a happy delivery.

She gave us a great list by Christianne Northrup, author of Women's Bodies and Women's Wisdom. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to acquire and read said books, but am extremely interested in them based on her concepts of High-Risk and Low-Risk Childbirth.

Some examples of Women who can expect High-Risk Childbirths are listed below:

Women who:
*are Passive
*are Dependent
*Rely on Others
*are unable to accept support from others
*Reject their womanhood
*Repress their sexuality
*View themselves as nothing more than a sex object
*are Childlike (you know the women who talk in little kid voices and what not)
*have Limiting Beliefs about childbirth (they have set plans for their birth and are unwilling to accept variation)
*are Dishonest or Manipulative
*have a weak self-image or imagine themselves as weak
*have fears that are not being worked through
*are Sedentary
*have Frail Body Appearance (actually appear unhealthy)
*have a Chaotic home
*Do not actually want the child they are about to birth
*Suffer from Denial of the reality of their birth plan

Thankfully, I don't believe I suffer from any of the above issues, but there is one of the Low-Risk Childbirth factors I hope to improve on, as noted below. Here's the list of Low-Risk Birth Factors.

Women who:
*are Active
*are Independent
*are Self-reliant
*have the Ability to accept support from others
*Accept their womanhood
*have a Healthy Sexuality
*view themselves as a Sexual Being (as opposed to a sex object)
*are Adult Like, Mature
*have clear and honest communication. [Sometimes, I am unable to express myself clearly, although usually honestly. I am working to improve this before Baby's Birth so I can communicate more effectively through labor and postpartum]
*have loving relationships
*are in Agreement with their birth plans
*have fears that ARE being worked through
*are Physically Active
*have Robust body appearance
*are willing to accommodate change [This is something I learned a few years back as a new teacher, if you can't go with the flow, it will go on without you.]
*have a Comfortable Home
*Wants the child she is about to birth
*is accepting of her birth plan.

Overall, I feel confident in my pregnancy being labeled Low-Risk. I know several friends who have had High-Risk labeled pregnancies, but not because of the above factors, rather medical factors that might need urgent attention. This list was really interesting to discuss with those pregnancies in mind. Sometimes, we put too much faith in what doctors say, and not enough in our own bodies. Just because a medical or socio-economical issue plays a part in the difficultly of a pregnancy, does not necessarily mean the labor itself will be a High-Risk childbirth experience. Women who are weak and/or view themselves as weak have a much higher probability in developing complications (real or imagined) because they don't put faith in their bodies to do the work they were designed for. Of course, some pregnancies may require more attention than others, and those mothers might need more attention than others. However, the factors listed above really brought to light personal issues which might lead to complications that are otherwise avoidable. I hope that women who have a pregnancy labeled High-Risk can benefit from this list and understand if they are strong women with healthy self confidence they too can have a Low-Risk Childbirth experience. They can have control over their birthing experience, and their lives for that matter.

Happy Birthing!

p.s. Mani or Ms. Northrup; if you'd like me to remove any information because of copyright issues please let me know and I will modify to your wishes. I just wanted to share the wonderful information, articulated so well by you both, with other women who are experiencing similar pregnancy emotions as myself.

Momma Monday August 9, 2010

So, my goal is to post something every Monday about this pregnancy and then, once baby gets here, about parenting.

This Monday, I want to share a meaningful photo I took last week.

My nephews stayed the night with me and mine last Thursday. And at ages 4 and 6 they were interested in the mini person growing in my tummy. The boys are from out of town and visiting while their parents make a cross continent move closer to their desert located families. I can't wait for them all to be so much closer!! I also got some practice parenting in while they were at my house but that's a whole other post.

Here are the boys trying to feel the baby move (which eventually it did to their excitement):

Happy Baby Growing!

Affirmations for Pregnancy August 10, 2010

Here are some of the Affirmations I've been telling myself, since I got this wonderful list from Mani. Hope they are helpful for Soon-to-be-Mommas out there.

Childbirth is a normal, natural event
-This one is really important for me to keep reminding myself of. I'm constantly battling the outside forces that are the family and friends concerned about a home birth. I know that hospitals are for sick people, and I am not sick. I'm pregnant. There is a difference. Before I was even pregnant, I assumed I would deliver in a hospital setting without pain medication, but after a great conversation (a.k.a. Real Talk) with some friends in Seattle I started thinking about my hypothetical pregnancy and delivery. I know a lot of things in the medical industry are helpful in the short term but often destructive in the long term. I also know that there is a need to be saved or rescued when in a hospital setting. I think the long term affects of hospital birthing are catching up with women and their self awareness, self trust and self faith. Women have been birthing for what the last 200,000 years? and in the last 100 years we've made cesarean sections (A MAJOR SURGERY) a normal procedure for birthing?! Women laying on their backs to give birth, because they can be monitored better?! Unnecessary tests that often result in false positives; causing mother's and father's alike to feel the often unnecessary pressure of a rushed or "emergency" delivery?! All of these occur routinely in hospital deliveries. And I, do. not. want any part of it.

A GREAT book for any soon-to-be-mom, or woman thinking abut getting pregnant is The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer it talks about all of the above issues so much more eloquently than I ever could.

It is safe for me to do things differently
-Same as above. It is safe for ME to do things differently, or not the norm. (see: hospital births). I am healthy. I am aware of my body and what it's capable of. If I was not healthy my midwife would not allow me to birth at home. She would be supportive and possibly act as a doula for my birth, but I would not be able to birth at home if I had certain medical conditions. I also have enough respect for my body to know that if for some reason I couldn't deliver naturally at home, I would have a better emotional birthing experience at a hospital or birthing center where I would have the necessary support.
Another great book for birthing (in any setting) is Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation by Pam England

My baby and I are working harmoniously together
-After talking with Mani at our last meeting, she described the actions my baby would take during childbirth. She talked about how the baby would position him or herself and twist and turn at the end to come out correctly. These are called thecardinal movements. I had never heard of them, and assumed my body would be forcing and shifting and moving the baby into the necessary positions, but really the baby is going to be working just as hard as me to come out safely, and this is comforting because I really do have a partner in all of this.

I am strong, healthy woman fully capable of birthing and breastfeeding my baby
-I think there is an obligation for women who decide to have children to be responsible and sacrifice the comforts of their normal lives to breastfeed. I know not all women agree with me. I know some women really don't produce enough milk because of outside circumstances. I know some women don't have the support necessary to breastfeed. But after reading about the effects of formula, I refuse to use it. I will sacrifice the comforts of my body and normal schedule to breastfeed. I will produce enough milk to feed my child (or I will find other supportive women willing to share their milk) and I will do what is healthiest for my child, and I will do all of these things with the support of my Husband and family. Here is a great link to information on formula and breastfeeding: Click Here.

My body knows how to give birth and I will let it
-This goes back to the whole natural-ness of birthing. Just like my body knows how to breathe, or get sick, or go to the bathroom, my body knows how to birth. If it didn't I wouldn't be pregnant (and I would accept that of myself and my body and respect that). However, I am pregnant, and just how my body knew how to get the baby in, it will know how to get it out.

I am strong and I can let my contractions be strong. 
-As explained to me by Mani, Contractions will NEVER be stronger than your body, since it's you and your body producing them. If I hadn't read this or thought about it in this way, I really might not be able to mentally deal with the pain of contractions (and, who knows, I still might not be able to deal with them) but having it explained in this way has eased all my fears of how painful the experience will be. I know I can handle what my body does to me, because it's me and my body doing it.

I know I have strong opinions and I know some people might not agree with them, but I hope most of you reading this know; this is what's best for me and my family. I hope I'm not offending any of you with my harsh opinions, but rather inspiring those of you who don't think you're strong enough or capable of doing a natural birth, or raising your children naturally. There is a strong support system out there for women and families who want to live a healthy natural lifestyle, and I hope you can find those resources in your own communities, just as I have found the in mine.

Good Luck and Happy Baby Growing!

Affirmation for Labor and Birth August 12, 2010

One of the topics discussed in our birthing classes was affirmations. I've shared a few already, but here is one for Labor and birth:

My contractions are massaging the baby and hugging it 

-This one is slightly humorous to me. Since only moments before discussing thislist of affirmations, we were discussing new moms. They often have too many preconceived unrealistic expectations for Labor. For instance, sometimes a new mom will request the renaming of "contractions". Instead of calling them contractions, they'd prefer to use the word "surge" or "hugs". This concept of changing the name to imply a less dramatic experience was almost laughable to me. If someone else tried to downplay my physical reaction to my contractions by calling them hugs, I might punch them.

My second thought was of a large child "hugging" their hamster or bunny rabbit until it stopped breathing. Then, I started thinking about the fact that powerful hugs can be just as violent as hands choking someone around the neck...

However, I do secretly love this affirmation. Because, as painful as a contraction might feel to me, it really is serving a purpose. It's causing me to dilate but also to massage the mucus out of the baby's lungs and to move the baby down and out. Which is sort of the whole point to this process, right?

So, I guess, overall, I'm okay with the contractions being visualized as hugging the baby as long as no one else suggests smiling through the "hugs" of labor.

Affirmation for Labor no. 2 August 15, 2010

Another Birthing Education Meeting with Mani today, so here's another Affirmation for you.

The baby is descending naturally, the baby's head fits perfectly in my pelvis.

This reminds me of another one I read somewhere else:

I will be grow to be bigger than my baby, my baby will never me bigger than me.
-My baby was designed and grown in my body, therefore, how could it be bigger than me? Nature doesn't generally present oversized babies in undersized women, nor vice-versa. I don't have a fear of the baby being too large for me, just as I wouldn't imagine the baby being too small for me. My baby is just the right size for me and my body, no matter how large he or she may become in his or her lifetime. Hope this concept helps other women considering a natural childbirth.

Happy Labor Planning!

Momma Monday no. 2 August 16, 2010

This weekly update of Motherhood, or Pre-Motherhood I should say, is about my new maternity support belt.

It's sexy.

And, when I say sexy I mean that in the most undeniably sarcastic way possible.

I've had a weird pain/discomfort in my torso under my bra line on the right side of my body for about 2 months now. I mentioned it to my midwife, but it was originally thought to be discomfort from a stretching tummy. Nothing to worry about. But, it kept annoying me. So, I tried some acupuncture. And, it worked. a little. But then in the past 2 weeks it started itching, and almost felt like someone was stabbing me, but then quickly stopped and then started again. It mostly did this when I wore bras with under-wire. So, I switched to a sports bra, hoping to avoid this annoyingly, uncomfortable pain. But it didn't work, I was still getting the itching pain and was afraid it was a stretch mark forming... it wasn't. At my last appointment with my Midwife, she felt for my uterus to make sure it wasn't just the baby kicking my ribs, and when she realized the placement of the discomfort, she said, "You know what it might be? It could be a slight hernia."

okay...[sounds bad, but I'm sure she doesn't want me to freak out, and as my Husband pointed out later, I'm sure she didn't want to tell me-since I'm a borderline (see also: full blown) hypochondriac] what does this mean? and what do I do?

Before I could even ask her those questions she promptly recommended a maternity support band to help lift my tummy and support the weight. This will prevent it from pulling on my upper torso muscles. And, being the good little pregnant patient I am, I went out and bought one the next day.

Here is me and my tummy with the pain:

and here is me and my tummy with the new addition:

sexy right?!

Even with clothes on, you can see it... oh well, at least baby isn't ripping me apart from the inside out now. And, it seems like an easy fix. We'll see how I feel in a few more weeks as I get larger and larger. 6 weeks to go!

Happy Monday!

Momma Monday; Yoga Momma Photography Series August 23, 2010

Being that I'm 35 weeks and counting I thought it was about time to take some maternity photos. However, I didn't want to do something cliché or superficial, I wanted it to be significant to me, and this baby. So, since I've been striving to maintain my yoga practice throughout this pregnancy, I thought a Yoga Momma photoshoot would be perfect. For my weekly Momma Monday update I'm sharing the images from my photoshoot (since I'm a control freak, I directed the photoshoot, had my sister take the photos and then I edited them):

Happy Yoga Practicing!

p.s. I also was lucky enough to have a second shoot with 2 talented photographers which I should get prints of with in the next few weeks, check them out at Creative Motion Photography

More Maternity Photos! August 26, 2010

As I mentioned in my Momma Monday Post featuring my Yoga Momma Photography Series, I was also lucky enough to have another photo-shoot with the ladies at Creative Motion Photography. 

Here are some samples of their work:

Check them out!! They do Weddings, Baby Photos, Artsy Photos and much more!!

Happy Photo Documenting!

Momma Monday no. 3 August 30, 2010 

For my weekly Momma Monday update, I'm going to reflect on this weekends awesomeness! We are at 35 or 36 weeks (midwife vs. ultrasound) and as most of you mothers out there know; that's prime baby shower time. It's an amazing feeling to have this baby so loved by so many people before he or she even gets here. This was one of my happiest experiences during this pregnancy.

I wanted to have as many friends and family as possible at our home for the baby party. So, we had a co-ed shower with lots of great food (thanks mom for splurging at that's a wrap) and good drinks. We also kept the games to a minimum (you'll see them in the photos). I used the baby's room as the game room, so boys wouldn't feel obligated to play. And we had crafts outside- which my husband got interestingly excited for. I didn't want people to feel obligated to buy toys and gifts we didn't need, so although I told them "no gifts necessary", I did create a website listing of everything we NEEDED for the baby and thankfully most people got us stuff we'll actually use (again, see photos)!

Something this great doesn't just happen on a whim, it took a lot of prep work- like, 2 or 3 months worth. Most of the planning and decoration designing was done by me, with my mother as the patron. I also got SO MUCH help from my older sister who flew out a day early to help me clean my house! And, one of my best friends who just happened to be passing through Phoenix at the last minute. She folded all my laundry so I could focus on decorating and micro-managing the set up for the event. My younger sister also helped run errands in the morning, along with my mother who picked up (and payed for) all the cupcakes, wraps and goodies for the event. Husband spent the morning avoiding the stress-induced-rage I've been known to get before events, by beautifying our backyard. There were so many helpful people, I hope I remembered to thank them all.

Now for photos;

Labels and Decor:

I may have gone label crazy...

Take Home Candy - this was my mother's touch, I told her the boxes should be shaped like boobies since we're avoiding bottles for the real thing. She did notappreciate my humor.

Games, Crafts and Prizes:

Guess Who is Who! (Family Members as babies)

Make Baby a scrapbook page!

Guess How Many?! (Diaper Pins)

Make Baby a Onesie!

Prize Bags

Food Table and Details:

Desserts and Drinks:

The Craving Table; Vegan Cupcakes, Regular Cupcakes, and Coffee. The only Cravings I get are the ones I had before the pregnancy :)

Giant Potted Cupcake by Candi here's here email:

Izzy Soda & Water Table, with Paper Fans

No Party is complete without a Virgil's Rootbeer Keg

Lemonade Cart

Here are a few photos of moments during the event from one of my guests:

Staying hydrated while baby kicked people.

Happy Motherhood Monday!

Belly Cast! September 1, 2010

The day before the big baby party, I finally got my belly cast made!
I won the cast as a raffle prize from Mom is da Bomb! a mother's day event atHissyfits - a local 2nd hand boutique on 7th street and Glendale. Scheduling issues had delayed the process. Luckily, I was only getting bigger while we tried figuring out a time that worked for both myself and Maggie of Bambina's Bellies.

My sister took pictures during the process, which was awkwardly done in my kitchen while roommates and family members cleaned the house around me in preparation for Saturday's party.

That's Crisco on my tummy, and cast water all over my legs... plus I'm not sure why I'm practically naked and still wearing socks?

I'm super happy with the results though!
She did an amazing job with the cast, and although I won a complimentary basic paint, I asked if she wouldn't mind me completing the project myself with a collage idea I had in mind. She was super sweet and provided me with some materials to complete the project on my own!

Now I just have to find time to actually collage the belly... when I do I'll post pictures, but for now the cast is waiting patiently in Baby's room.

Happy Wednesday.

To get your own belly cast email or call 480-695-5171, unfortunately, I don't know her pricing since I won mine. She also paints nurseries and such.

Momma Monday no. 4 September 6, 2010

Momma Monday update week 36 or 37 (midwife vs. ultrasound)

So I just realized yesterday, after a conversation with my not-yet-but-maybe-someday-sister-in-law that I could in theory have this baby in 2 weeks at home! yikes. That's so soon.

In related topics. My ankles went on vacay. And my belly button decided to join them. Also, in protest of these body part leaving without proper notification, my back decided to form a riot and got my uterus to join in. A lot of yesterday was spend with me on my left side, while I experienced the worst Braxton Hicks yet, and extreme lower back pain (almost like period cramping- except I usually don't get that). Luckily, I was able to accomplish some errands and fulfill some consumer cravings I've been having.

We went to Lux (tried the Velvet Iced with Whipped cream -as recommended by Husband's Sister) it was delish! Then had a wonderful breakfast date before heading home and attempting some yard work. After my 1st nap of the day, we headed back out to accomplish some birthday shopping and thrifting. Picked up this super cute ring from Cheap Thrills.

Then, headed to the library, Husband got a book and I felt miserable. We ended up grocery shopping before heading back home for my 2nd nap of the day, which was eventually followed by a delicious pasta meal cooked by Husband. My brother-in-law offered to get dessert for us after, so I finished my evening with some wonderful Carrot Cake from Luci's.

Also here's what I'm looking like at 36/37 weeks, in my new outfit from Buffalo Exchange (only 89 cents after my trade credit!)

Oh also, need to share this with you all;

Somehow, someone got my info (luckily to my parents' address instead of own) about my pregnancy. This picture says, "Are you going to let your baby's core blood end up here?" with a picture of a trash can. Now, I don't know if you are all aware of this core blood banking which has become all the DISGUSTING rage in birthing right now... but this advertisement made me want to scream!

The concept behind core blood banking is that you save the stem cell blood from your baby's umbilical cord at some lab and in the next few years, they will develop a way for your baby to use it, if there is a medical emergency (say cancer or something of the like). While that might sound good to some people, it's absolutely terrifying to me, clone and sci-fi type shit. Not to mention that blood that they take is normally used in the first few moments after birth to help sustain the baby. It's not trash. It helps the baby remain well oxygenated while learning to breath and also provides the last of the nutrients from the placenta. Most midwives will not cut the cord until it has stopped pulsing (as in the core blood has stopped flowing), although from what I've read and heard about hospital deliveries I doubt many doctors have the time to "waste" while they wait for the pulsing to stop, therefore, clamping and cutting early, only to toss the too amazing for words placenta in the medical waste bucket.

Our plans for Baby's placenta are to keep it attached until pulsing stops, cut the cord, document and explore (you can get accurate dating and useful info from the placenta after birth), and plant a tree with the placenta as the nutrient providing resource for the tree. Although, I have considered eating it like ALL other animals for the hormonal benefits, as a vegetarian I just can't imagine doing so. If I was a meat eater I don't think I'd have a problem with it, but for me it would be a texture issue and probably gross me out. However, I do recognize the hormonal and nutritional benefits that come with consuming the placenta. I wish I could force myself to do it, but I am a product of my culture and unfortunately it is socially unacceptable to the norm. and therefore I've been conditioned to think it's gross. I wish I could turn that switch off and just do it, but I can't, which is unfortunate because one of my midwife's, Shell Walker, specialties is placenta encapsulation and I hear she makes AMAZING chocolates with it... you never know, Husband joked about putting it in a smoothie for me, he might still do it, and I'd never know.

Anyway Happy Momma Monday (and I-hope-I-Don't-Go-In-To-Labor-at-Our-BBQ-in-Honor-of-Labor-Day day)!

Wedding Ring OFF! September 7, 2010

Finally, I got my wedding ring off! This of course, is NOT because of marital issues, rather swelling issues.

This whole pregnancy I've been reasonably comfortable (barring the morning [see: all day] sickness) but these last few days have been increasingly uncomfortable and awkward.

I took my almost too small to begin with wedding band off months ago as instructed, but felt sad every time I looked down and it was missing, so in disobedience of my What to Expect When You're Expecting readings I put it back on. And it was fine... until this past week. I mentioned I lost my ankles (really they come and go) and belly button recently, but also I noticed my fingers getting a bit pudgier in the last few days. I tried to take the ring off yesterday right when I woke up but it wasn't going anywhere. I held it above my head for about 10-15 minutes and also wrapped an ice pack around it for about 5 minutes- and even with the help of Husband, it wouldn't budge. He almost had it once, but I could feel my knuckles separating and for fear of dislocating my knuckle I begged him to stop. Which he did. I figured I try again later once my finger had a chance to recover. But every time I checked on it throughout the day it got worse and worse. So this morning as my alarm jolted me awake I promptly pulled and with a little tension and discomfort, I got it off!

I added it to a necklace Husband got me a few years back, and I'll probably wear it like this until our lil' Cupcake gets here (which shouldn't be too long now).

I still feel a little naked when I go to spin it, but at least my finger isn't going to turn blue from lack of blood flow now.

Momma Monday no. 5 September 13, 2010

Wow, what a week it has been! This is week 37 or 38. As you may have noticed I posted nothing yesterday- how unlike me?! Also unlike me; crying at the grocery store while in the cereal aisle.

That's right, my super posi outlook from Saturday shifted to I-Fucking-Hate-Everything-Right-Now on Sunday. Well not exactly everything, specifically just grocery shopping and football.

I am not a huge fan of running errands by myself. It's always nice to have a partner in crime, who you can make fun of stupid people with and also someone to help you carry heavy things. Yesterday, I had neither. I started out fine, I went to Lux for some Velvet and Whipped Cream. Checked my Face[book] and then proceeded to start my day. I had to stop by Staples for work this week, so, I decided to get that out of the way even though it was the weekend. Then I had to pick up the photo CD from Creative Motion Photography. And finally, I had to go to Michael's to get some finishing craft items for my mom's late birthday present.

Once I did all that, I had to go grocery shopping.

As I found a parking space and reached for my reusable bags, I felt a sense of dread approaching. My eyes filled with salt water and I sat there, overwhelmed. I don't know what brought it on so quickly, but instantly I was mad at Husband for not being there with me- even though he just got done going in to work and was getting some much needed rest. I texted him regardless, letting him know how angry I was and how much I resented him for not helping me. He called back immediately but I was too busy crying to hear my phone. I finally got up the nerve to walk into the store, even though it took every ounce of my self-control not to just leave. I got inside and started shopping (with my sunglasses on to hide the tears- because only crazy people cry at the grocery store). I saw I had a missed call from Husband so I called him back, and he apologized for not being there. It wasn't really his fault but I knew he was going to be watching football with his dad and brother later that afternoon and I didn't want to be grocery shopping while I could be with him. But I was there. And I knew if I left, I'd never go back.

So I proceeded to get almost everything on our list, everything except for items they didn't have. By the way, what's with "natural" stores not carrying normal ingredients??

Sprouts, why don't you have puff pastry dough? Whole Foods has it?! Ugh. Frustrating. Now, I'll have to go to WF sometime this week so I can get it.

Also, what the fuck is with people just being overall stupid? Why must the grocery store feel more like an obstacle course rather than a simple shopping experience. I guess evolutionarily, it's still just as difficult to gather (and hunt) my food with all these idiots in my way... Wish I could revert back to just finding fresh wild food, but no. Industrial farming has left me with only one option: Grocery Stores, and sometimes, time permitting; farmer's markets.

Also, people are too fat to get out of the way, and yes, now I'm "fat" too; so I can't squeeze by like I used to. And, people just leave their carts in the middle of the aisle so I can't push mine by. Plus, people just let their kids run around with no supervision and they are misbehaving and in the way. I can't handle it.

I'm going to blame my inability to control the tears as a result of the pregnancy, however, the annoying experience that is grocery shopping will always bother me. And football too. I hate that stupid game.

Today is going to be better though. I'm not going to think any negative thoughts. I'm not going to worry about other people and their stupidity. I'm not going to focus on the bad, just the good. Just the amazingness that is this baby. This baby, who will be here in just a few short weeks, or really, any day now - as I'm technically home birth safe!! I'm going to look at my beautiful photos of my Husband and my belly and smile, like this one:

A Big change from when these pictures were taken to nowish (just 3 weeks):

Our Daughter's Name:

Or Our Son's:

Happy Mommma Monday!

p.s. I'm also waiting for this baby to turn around, s/he is not breech but facing forward, I'm doing my exercises to get 'em to turn to the back, but if you have any other suggestions let me know :)

Momma Monday No. 6 September 20, 2010

38 weeks down and 2 more to go... hopefully.

So my weekly update is a little jumbled this week. We did a lot this weekend and I jump from event to event, please ignore my poor writing skills and follow along the best you can :)

Baby Cupcake should be getting here early October, and this past weekend was spent getting the last minute items needed for our home birth and wishing my mom and my sister a late happy birthday at Chompies. Just look at their dessert case. Thank god I still have some self control or my sugar cravings might have won...

As for the necessary items for baby; last week, I got my home birth kit, which includes the items listed here:
I feel really good about having those items on hand, (even though I'm not sure what half of them are for) and really being ready for this baby to be delivered here at our house.

Also, this weekend, we went out to dinner with my Father-in-law (to True Food), and had a really great time. I got the Edamame Dumplings and Andy's Favorite "TLT," both really good veggie options. We talked about family and parenting and other great stories. He also ended the night with a nice gift for the baby. He had mentioned to us earlier if we needed anything for the baby to let him know and they'd get it for us... but I didn't really have any big item that we needed, so I never asked. But, he gave us a nice little donation, and I got the following:

Essential Oils (a must have for natural deliveries)

Spare towels from Goodwill, for the water birth (not sure if I'll deliver in the water but I definitely will be getting in and out of the tub and shower during the labor).

Extra receiving blanket, since we'll go through a few.

and these:
a super cute color Cloth Diaper Cover:

Cloth Diaper Starter Kit (even though we already have some, this was the best deal for 6 pack of these two colors and some extra cloth liners):

and of course some more Extra Cloth Liners:

Until this weekend I was starting to have some anxiety about being prepared and having enough diapers, clothes, blankets and what not... but thanks to Grandpa-to-be's donation I feel confident we have everything we'll need. Except, maybe, an actual tub. I'm still trying to decide if we should rent a birthing tub, replace the tub in our guest bathroom (the only tub in the house, and it's over 50 years old) or just get a cheap fix with a kiddy pool... but more on that another day once I make a decision.

Oh, and yesterday an old friend from high school came by with gifts for the baby;

Massage Bar (a lotion-y bar that melts as you rub it on- AMAZING)

The indents and bump on this bar are meaningful and precious, the significance is that one out of every 4 babies is born with an outie. How cute!

An Organic 3-6m Tee

How sweet is she?! We sort of lost touch through college but she's amazing and funny and she offered to babysit, I'm hoping to see a lot more of her!

Thanks Grandpa-To-Be and Ashley!!

Oh and before I forget, here's what I'm looking like these days (oh check out those swollen feet!):

Happy Momma Monday! Hope you're all enjoying my weekly updates:)

That's Swell,... Just Swell. September 21, 2010 

I may have outdone myself.

I got home yesterday and felt GREAT. I was feeling artsy and had a sketch and an idea... but I'm keeping them secret for another post. Anyway, I thought, I'm going to paint! and paint, I did. Outside. In the Heat. opps. I guess standing in the heat, although staying hydrated, and painting did a number on my body, because when I came inside, I realized my feet were 3 times as big as usual.

Husband poked them as a joke, and they didn't puff back out. They stayed indented! It really freaked me out, not to mention the fact that my weird rib/muscle/hernia? has been bothering me all weekend. He got me some ice packs and I kept my feet up as you can see in this photo:

but it wasn't really helping all that much... so, finally I called my midwife. She asked me a series of questions to make sure that it wasn't anything to be concerned about. Once she was sure I was safe and just swelling like a normal 38 week pregger she gave me some natural remedies:
1. get in the bath. add Epsom Salt. Soak. For 20-30 minutes. In low but comfortable heat.
2. steam a zucchini (I had Husband do this). Drink the zucchini steam juice.

I took the bath and here's my steam juice (in my "new" thrifted GIANT Kerr jar):

My feet are looking better, but yikes, they were so full and swollen they were jiggling as I walked. I better be a bit more careful when getting artsy outside or my feet might explode.

Above was the last post I made about the Pregnancy before giving birth. If you'd like to read about the home birth, click the tab at the top of the page titled "The Home Birth"