Thursday, August 19, 2010

Art Supplies and The First Day of School!

On Friday afternoon I came home to these!!

These 8 boxes are my recently ordered Art supplies for my AP Art Students. It was like waking up on Christmas morning! I walked into my house after running some errands and my roommate had brought them all inside for me. I was super grateful, because I wasn't really expecting them so soon and the materials would probably have melted if left in the sun. Plus, they were heavy. I mean, I wanted to open them all and check the inventory but they were too heavy to lift, at least with the bowling ball that is my stomach. So, I left them piled up and my husband put them in my car Monday morning for me to take to the school.

Students start today, Thursday, and I'm so excited! I have so much planned for them; which if you're lucky, I'll be posting lesson plans and work through out the year.

Do I look like a teacher? Here's my first day outfit:

The school I'm at has a really strict dress code; shirts that cover elbows and collar bone, skirts or dresses below the knees and clothes toed shoes (it gets tricky finding all these in maternity clothes).

Happy New School Year and Art Making!

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