Friday, August 13, 2010

Functional Friday No. 2

This Functional Friday I want to point out the functionality (or as I like to say: functionability) of a clothes line. It blows my mind how anyone living in the desert could use a dryer, ever, especially in the summer. With our electric bill just under $200 this month, I can't image what people who actually use their dryers pay. Clotheslines can be purchased for as little as $9.00, luckily ours was already installed when we bought the house. I bought our clothes pins from Michaels for about $3.

If you are thinking about installing a clothesline for drying your clothes; it is best to place the clothesline somewhere under cover, if possible, to avoid sun bleaching of your clothes. Also, if you have an extra $3, splurge and get a 2nd bag of clothes pins. It always seems like I could use a few more.

Finally, for safety reasons make sure to hang the line high enough you won't run into it, if you forget about it- not fun getting rope burn on your face (ask my Brother-in-Law how I know this)

Happy Line Drying!

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