Friday, August 27, 2010

Functional Friday No. 4


These bad boys are functional.

Here is an example of the many ways I use these hooks around my home.

My favorite is for flip flops on the back patio.

You know when you go outside to take out the trash, water the yard, things like that? and you have to get your shoes out of your closet, walk the dirty shoes through your home and out the door? well, I was getting really frustrated with moping and sweeping only to have people walk through the house with their shoes on, so new rule; No Shoes inside. We keep a pair of flip flops on the patio for each member of our household, and hang them on these "robe" racks.

I also added these to my closet, office and even guest room.

They are like $2 and I'm sure you could find some around at garage sales, or goodwill. But, seriously? I use them all over my home!

Happy Hanging :)

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