Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gifts and Thank Yous

Yesterday, I posted about the Baby Party and shared all the decor and games, but today I'd like to post a thank you to everyone who got us things we needed, and to share what some of those items are and why I'm so excited for them. We got almost everything we asked for on OurganicWishlist.blogspot.com!!

I told people "no gifts necessary"- however, very few people listened...

Quilt from Gretch.
Handmade by her grandfather's girlfriend.
I love home made and hand made items more than you'll understand. I appreciate the love and effort that goes into every moment of creating something. I love it even more when it's something useful and the most when it's also beautiful.

Duck, Duck, Moose; Homage to Alaska from Brandy.
Super cute clothing for baby, from one of the best places in the world.

All of the wonderful cards from people.
Some of these contained heartfelt notes, some had gift cards and money, we needed all three.

Chlorine Free Disposable Diapers (Purchased with gift money)
We only plan on using these the first few days of life- when that tar like poop stains everything.

Bummis from Wayne and Gretchen, and other Diaper Covers and from gift money.
Those bright colored ones are
gPants (which I think I'll invest in some more of later)

Clothes (we only had 2 onesies before the shower!)
I was planning on waiting until baby got here to buy more clothes, everywhere I go it's divided up into boy or girls- since we're not finding out, it makes it hard to buy lots of items. Thankfully, lots of people were able to find gender neutral outfits for Baby!

Basket of reused stuffed animals from my nephews.
The black sheep is from Wayne from etsy
The Quadrapus is from JP and Danielle also from etsy
The quilted lion is from Beth and Jordan and baby Thompson

Cupcake bib from Ian and Anna
Baby's nickname is cupcake, I LOVE cupcakes, but there's an actual story behind the name...

Accessories Drawer.
Organic Swaddle Cloth from Beth and Jordan.
Kashmir sweater from Brianna.
Hats and booties from various friends.

Booties from Alex (handmade by her friend's mother)
How CUTE are they?!

Books from Janay and Danny, and Cameron and family.
The organic baby one is soo interesting and has tons of references on why organic and natural life choices are so important. Love that I have something to cite when people ask why our family makes the choices we do.
Also, the cookbook is super cute and simple, I can't wait to cook for my little one!

Cute bag from Cameron (the company uses scrap fabric from their clothes to make miscellaneous matching bags - so their process is waste less)

Mommy hook; funny, but maybe also functional? :) from Josh

Thank again to everyone who was able to contribute to the baby inventory. Also, thanks to those of you who offered to simply help out by running errands, cooking dinner and cleaning my house once baby gets here. I love you all and am so grateful each of you took time from your busy Saturday to spend it with me and my little family. Husband is grateful too. We really do have the best family and friends.

Happy Thanking!

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