Friday, September 10, 2010

Functional Friday No. 6

Paperless Kitch

A few months back I decided it was Über wasteful to use paper towels so I bought a few paperless towels from Red Barn on Etsy and a bunch of wash cloths from Target.

here is the result:

The procedure; 2 baskets each with their own purpose. One is for clean folded cloths and the other a dirty pile basket.
The baskets are the perfect mesh wire green from the $1 section at target. I was stoked to find non-plastic containers for my kitchen.
Cleaning these is little extra work each week. I add them to my whites (with bleach) and they're clean as new. No more wasteful paper in the trash each week. And, it feels better to wipe your face with a cloth than with an abrasive paper towel.

Also, if you're wondering what I use around the house to clean with here's our "rag" drawer:

The stained gross ones go in here and any old cloths (cut up shirts or towels) go here too. I use these for the bathroom and if something really grosses me out and I can't imagine using it even after I bleach it- I don't feel guilty throwing it away since it was already over used and upcycled.

Anyway, thanks for reading this short but sweet Functional Friday post. I hope you'll consider a paperless kitchen in your household.

Happy Functional Friday!

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