Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween... still a month away but I just love Fall/Autumn and The Holidays this time of year. My favorite holiday will always be Halloween.

Here are the ideas I've found so far from various magazines including but not limited to Martha Stewart's Halloween Handbook Collectors Edition 2010, Everyday with Rachel Ray, Country Living October 2009 (thank you Bookmans), and more...

Can't wait to make these cupcakes with the spider webs!

How Clever?!

Might have to clear off a bookshelf for this:

Want this Apron!!

Black Roses; so Gothic

Need to make these candles, they're just found images printed on Vellum Paper and then cut to fit around your candle holders:

Most of these if not all of the following are from

Halloween Candy Station!

Clothes pin bats:

Like this, but want to find a way to use non-plastic non-rubber mice... maybe I can make them out of dryer lint or discarded fabric?? You know I'd rather upcycle/recycle than buy new...

Paper Bat Lamp, super simple, just use scrap paper and to make it black if not already black use sharpie or something of the like so it's still recyclable after Halloween:

Tin Lanterns- and just yesterday I saved the tomato can I had because I KNEW I could make something great with it! Now I just have to save or find a few more.

Monogram Pumpkins so elegant!

Martha's Mice- she sells them premade but I think they'd be super easy to cut out and place around and outside your house, plus they're sort of banksy and Blek le Rat graffiti style:

Here's a great website for Enviornmentally friendly Halloween ideas:

I plan to make most of these throughout the month. If I'm successful I'll post them as I complete them, baby might occupy my time though, so, we'll see.

Happy Halloween Month!


  1. I LOVE the silhouettes.

  2. These ideas are great. I've been wearing my William Sonoma skeleton apron at school...I want to make those cupcakes for sure!