Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I made cupcakes!

ok, so these are not the Über cute Halloween inspired cupcakes from my previous post that I NEED to make, but these are really tasty banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting from http://framed-mylifeonepictureatatime.blogspot.com/. (they're delicious but the frosting amounts are way too much I had over half left over, if you're a light froster - which I am not- you might want to cut the frosting recipe in half)

This week for dinner we also made ravioli with brown butter and sage from Framed and pasta with garlic and blue cheese from Framed. And, when I say "we" I mean Husband made these for dinner. He took over dinner when I got preggers and "morning"sickness kicked in.

If you haven't checked out Framed's blog before, and you like cooking, you should get into it. She has tons of great recipes on the site!

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