Monday, October 25, 2010

Momma Monday no. 11

Cupcake is officially one month old. Where did the time go?? I love that she's more durable now, she holds her head up nicely when you have her in your arms. She's getting more consistent with pooping, not a whole lot of poopy diapers in the middle of the night (way easier to change potty ones- since we're using cloth). She's awake more. She's starting to fit into the cute clothes everyone got her. She smiles (not always at something- more just gassy smirks). I can run errands with her, she does well in the car, most of the time.

I went back to teaching my classes last week. They were good, I missed my students. She had to have a bottle on Monday though- my milk, in glass, not formula. Husband said she did NOT want it. Also, he gave her one on Wednesday. I don't pump, though, I manually express the milk. It's a lot like milking a cow and a whole lot less painful than a manual pump. I wake up engorged most mornings so I express about 2 ounces. She only drinks about an ounce and a half at a time- at least from the bottles. I hope I can continue to express manually as she gets bigger, I'm so anti-pump. It's just so awkward hooking myself up to a machine and the manual one suctions so painfully. Although, our sweet friends did offer to loan me theirs (after we sterilize it of course). I'm going to take them up on the offer since it will provide a nice back up if I can't express much milk in the future.

Our weekends are always the busiest. Saturday we went grocery shopping and did some housework. My parents came over and hung out. My mom and I got pedicures while My Dad and Husband watched Sonja. I got super cute Halloween toes, using my orange nail polish, with spider webs.

Sunday, yesterday, was a busy day. We went to a "Pumpkin Patch" that was set up in the field of a local church. There was also a small craft fair there. One of the vendors asked us if lil' Sonja would model one of their halloween tutus. She was asleep for the experience but still it was super cute!

After the pumpkin patch, where I bought a tiny, medium and tall pumpkins to represent our family, a few close friends came over to hang out. Nate hadn't met Sonja-Cake yet so he came with Jordan and Beth and lil Thompson to see her and we went to Oregano's for lunch. Sooo good. I love their Oregano's Favorite Salad and Bowl-O-Pasta and especially their specialty drink the Bellini. It had been a long ten months without drinking and I indulged in getting myself one.

Thankfully, Sonja slept through the whole lunch so I was able to drink it and wait a good hour or so before having to feed her. (Alcohol transfers to breast milk quickly, they recommend drinking 2 hours before having to feed a nursing child) Nate was also kind enough to pick up the check for the whole occasion, and then him and Husband came home and "smoked" (in quotes because apparently you don't inhale??) some celebratory cigars. The latter I was not as excited about. It was great to hang out with a fellow momma and baby and I know Husband enjoyed his guy time.

Overall, a really good week.
Hope you have a great one, starting with a wonderful Momma Monday!

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