Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday vs. Buy Nothing Day

I think you know what side I'm on. But just in case you don't:

This doesn't mean I don't buy anything ever, but the concept of consumption for the sake of consumption is something I struggle with every holiday season. I get my friends and family gifts, but I try really hard to only buy local made items or things with minimal packaging and hardly ever items made from plastic. The nephews are the hardest because all little boys want toy trucks and electronic games. Instead, I try to get them books- preferably about nature. My sister is an active recycler and cares enough about the world, that I'm not forcing my beliefs on her kids, just sharing a side they don't necessarily see from their other family and friends. Everyone else is generally easy, except for my mom the active shop-0-holic. And I'm not saying this with an ounce of exaggeration she buys things on sale just because they're on sale and she hardly ever uses anything I buy her. I end up getting her gift certificates for things like pedicures- little waste there right? a little nail polish but otherwise minimal trash from a gift like that...

for the rest of my family I like supporting artists and crafters so here are some locally (Phoenix) produced items I've purchased for the giving season.

Silver Locket Necklace - Enchanted Mother's Butterfly Garden - Handmade by TheEnchantedLocket
The Enchanted Locket. (supporting local artists)

100 White Skull Beads Plastic Psychobilly Halloween Goth Day of the Dead Lolita ZNE ESST
Virago Creations (but I'd like them more if they were ceramic)

Indian Pink Swarovski Crystal Cameo Necklace
Carlea Pink. (supporting local artists)

Black scarf cowl neckwarmer handmade
KnotWorkShop. (supporting handmade!)

Mr. Mustache Cream Baby Booties
PleasentlyPlumpKnits. (supporting handmade!)

bread and badger. (Supporting Small Business, Artists and Mustaches)

I plan on making a few more of my gifts, stopping at Goodwill to see what they've got and continuing the search for packaging-less gift items, made by local artists or businesses and reused/regifted items.

Good luck with your gift giving season shopping, just keep in mind the plot to sell you things you don't need. And as one of the comments from the video above pointed out, how does not buying anything help the economy? IT DOESN'T. The economy is something someone made up, it is in direct conflict with nature, the economy is rated by how many items you convert from the living to the dead. If you're a little financially restricted this holiday season, don't fret; give gifts of love, and joy to family and friends they'll cherish it more than any object you could ever give.


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