Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DIY Painted Living Room V.I

This is our living room the day we bought the house (notice the pink tint- EVERYWHERE!):
This is our living room the 3rd day after we bought the house (I have some amazing family and friends who helped complete the painting right away!) :
This is what it looks like now, except with a few minor changes, like the picture frame addition below:
The wall with the salvaged picture frames, that my readers voted on a few months ago:
The items in our living room include; a hand me down leather couch (we'd NEVER buy leather), a hand me down coffee table (although, I like my black original ikea one better), a black (originally white) book (DVD) shelf, 2 gifted couture partylite hanging candles, a small original artwork purchased at first fridays, and not pictured: a quilt rack, hand me down wrought iron lamp, a plant (originally tea) cart and NOW a pack and play. I plan on re-doing all the furniture in the living room once Sonja is a few years old and not in the destructive toddler stage, even though most of it will be thrifted. Until then, I'm enjoying my hand me down furniture from our parents. We also plan on busting up the current tile and doing hardwood throughout the house- but that is an expensive project and one that will probably happen in the next 2-4 years. FYI the paint color in the living room is Deep Garnet from Behr in eggshell finish purchased from, you guessed it, Home Depot.

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