Monday, December 13, 2010

Momma Monday no. 18

I've been a busy Mama this past week:

family was visiting and left on Tuesday, my Sunday and Monday consisted of them hanging out at my house and holding my daughter, I wish I could say I got a whole lot done, but mostly just caught up on the blog and photo archiving. I should have been working on my lesson plans. Monday day was nice since my mom brought me (and my grandma and aunt) lunch. Plus, my art class was cancelled due to a field trip so I was able to get home and hang out with SLC.

Tuesday night was my first night at Yoga since the birth. I was soooo excited to finally weigh myself. We don't own a scale since I usually just use the one at the gym. But they moved it or something. I couldn't find it. I even got to class early so I could weigh myself. Sonja is 10 weeks old and I have no idea how much I've lost since the birth. I know I look almost normal to myself but I'm sure I'm not back to my starting weight, I have the tiniest of pudgy tummy left over that I NEED to lose. I hate not being in super awesome shape, I feel like a blob when I don't eat right and exercise. And I HAVE NOT been eating right. I'm eating left over cupcakes from Husband's birthday party as I type this. Anyway yoga went really well and I felt great after it. I was having some shoulder/rotator cuff issues from holding lil' miss cupcake all day but I feel all loosened up now.

Wednesday, I replied to a milk request via Eats on Feets, and set up a time to get a momma in need some milk for her 7 month old. For more information on all that is Eats on Feets please visist their website by clicking here. I will also, eventually, be doing a short write up on it for all of you to understand more.

Thursday I took photos with my sister of Sonja and myself, to complete the photo series I took before she was born:

Obviously, as Husband wishes, I'm not posting the ones that show lil' Cupcake's face. But here's one of us getting set up so you can visualize the concept. We followed up the photoshoot by going to Godiva to get our free samples of chocolate. Did you know they give free samples?! You have to be a "member" and give them your phone number but yes, really, really good samples! I also got a shirt for myself from Express and some undies from Victoria's Secret (I had a coupon! for both). When we got home Sonja played in our room and started to laugh at me- no real reason just because she was smiling and I was laughing and she started laughing back, a real hearty laugh, a wonderful laugh. Then she got fussy, as has been her norm the past few nights. We think she might be teething, at only 11 weeks :( She's generally not a fussy baby but lately in the evening she has been screaming and crying and can't get enough of her fist in her mouth. Poor thing. I tried to calm her by nursing her but she bit me, and yes it still hurts even without teeth. I let out a shriek and pulled her off me like all the breastfeeding advice says but I let her chew on my finger. She fell asleep on me for a few hours- I love that I can calm her just with my voice and touch. She knows the difference between me and anyone else. She nestles into my chest and relaxes. It's the best part of the whole mom thing. Even when my arms are sore and my back hurts; these chest naps make my heart melt.

Friday, I stopped by Lola Coffee and we picked up some gift certificates for our midwives. When I stopped by to deliver them, Shell was about to head to World Market to get a few items for the birthing center, Sonja Cake and I happily joined her. So nice to get out the house, sometimes I feel bored. Not with Sonja of course, but almost like I'm stagnant at least running errands is doing something, you know? Anyway, it was a nice little outing, Shell got some super cute houseware items and seriously folks if you're pregnant and in the phoenix area, you should really consider birthing at babymoon inn. It's like a home birth, but at an uber cute house with a giant hot tub in the bedroom!

Saturday and Sunday seemed to fly by this week, usually the weekends are what I reflect on most, but this weekend we just hung around. Saturday we went to Pita Jungle for our friend's Birthday and her little son, Thompson, is just the cutest. He's so sweet and always so happy to see and touch Sonja. Cutest thing to watch them interact. Like Sonja, Thompson is always held either by Mama or Papa and if not held then worn. They both developed so quickly too! If you have your baby in a little car seat carrier system, get them out! Even if it means waking them up. Sonja was holding her head up before 2 months! Everyone comments on how strong she is, and people did the same for Tommy. I really believe its because when they're held they're forced to be upright as opposed to laying down relaxed. Just my opinion though, no solid evidence or long term study to prove it. Like all parenting techniques and styles you do what works for you and this natural parenting concept works really well for us. We're loving every moment of it!
Happy Momma Monday!

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