Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rice Krispies Treats

3 table spoons butter, melt, add vegan marshmallows available here, melt while stirring continuously, fold in 6 cups rice krispies, place in pre-grease (coconut sprayed) glass casserole dish. In case you can't read the box for yourself :)

Happy Dessert Making.

p.s. mine hardened up after an hour or so... so eat them while they're still gooey :)


  1. i love and miss rice krispie treats! marshmallows have gelatin (and i don't eat gelatin), so i haven't made any in years! i have bought the marshmallow jet-puff stuff in a jar and it works great for other things. i might just have to try it as a substitute for these and see if it works! mmmm

  2. Ainsley! I don't eat gelatin either. I made these with both normal marshmallows for my omnivore husband AND with these ( for myself. They were great warm but got a little hard once they cooled.