Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cold Free

This is how I've been avoiding the cold that has been going around, my mom, husband and friends have all gotten sinus, mucus and congestion.   But not me (or Sonja) thanks to:
From left to right: Traditional Medicines Tea Sampler with gyspy cold care, Echinacea plus, throat coat and breathe easy teas, Emergen-C, Umcka, Cold Snap and Elderberry.

Whenever I feel something coming on or those around me get sick, I bust out the tea and enjoy every sip. I drink tea for everything, Mothers Milk and pretty much anything by Yogi or Traditional Medicines.

Emergen-C is delicious and adds that extra boost of vitamin c to you body when you think you might be getting compromised.  I also drink it once in a while because it's so damn tasty.

Umcka is a cough syrup made from an African flower and I found it while working at a health store in high school (I was the smoothie girl) I've taken it ever since.  And my colds never stick around for long.

Cold Snap was something my bestest friend recommended to me (he works at Whole Foods and I've dubbed him Minister of Health and Nutrition). It resets your body and makes you better in no time.  I love it.

Elderberry is something Native Americans used to take to help with sinus congestion, if you have a runny nose or post nasal drip you should add these to your daily routine and you'll dry up quickly.  I take these in the colder weather seasons and my sinus infections have gone way down over the past few years. 

Hope these supplements help you recover from your colds.  Please make sure to read all directions and advice on your supplements.  If you have any serious medical conditions consult a doctor not a blogger.

Happy Natural Healing.


  1. In addition to the Emergen-C, probiotics, and Traditional Medicine teas, I like Kombucha to help me fight off sickness.

    I dig this new background with the variety of prints and patterns. I feel like you could do this, buying old crappy wallpaper samples. Maybe on a smaller scale--one wall, or a large framed area...

  2. Oh kombucha, I can't believe I left off kombucha! I haven't really had it since during the pregnancy I got serious heartburn and then the recall, but now that it's back I NEED to get some. And as for the wallpaper idea, I should do that in the guest room for sure!

    I forgot to mention too that to help keep Sonja sickness free her Naturopath gave me probiotics to put on me when she nurses, and she is also cold free.