Monday, January 24, 2011

Momma Monday no. 24

Sonja is four months old today, January 24, 2011!

Here is our past week in review:
Footies! Pajamas from Danny and Janay

Monday was the only day I had to work this week.  Which is strange, because I think everyone else had the day off.  My students had finals this week, and I gave my final on Monday. The rest of the week was just Sonja and me!

 Weighing in at about 13 pounds (almost 4 months old)
On my mother's baby scale (from when she was a baby in the 1950s!)

 Learning how to play the xylophone

This onesie was made by my step grandmother at my baby shower,
 I like it because SLC was a home birthed baby

I took the above pictures on Tuesday morning while we hung around the house.  My back was in a lot of pain on the left side of my body and so we didn't do a whole lot.  I was avoiding taking any pain killers, I don't like depending on something to hide my discomfort.  And I thought with some rest it would subside, but it didn't and I gave into some tylenol that afternoon.  Too bad it didn't do anything!  

We're into Sonja's 3-6 month clothes now.  So, expect some new What Sonja Wore posts.  It's a slow transition sorting out her old 0-3 month clothes and making the switch. Some of the 0-3 is still fitting her just right, while some of the 3-6 month clothes almost seem too small, and others are still a little big.  We have been wearing the 3-6 month pajamas for a while now.  I think she's a long but tiny baby, so the other clothes hang off her while her pajamas are stretching to cover her feet.  No matter what size she's wearing though, she looks so stinkin' cute.  Babies' clothes are so freakin' adorable because they're so tiny.

Potty Training.

My sister came over and helped me out on Wednesday, while I baked. She also snapped the above photo while I was taking The Sweetness to the restroom.  Is there anything cuter?

Thursday, I had my first ceramics class in over a year.  It was nice to play with clay again, but sooo difficult to be away from Cupcake.  I had let down twice during class and was afraid I was going to start leaking.  I left early to come home to a semi fussy hungry baby.  She ate and then I ate.  Husband cooks a great meal.

Friday, I met my mom for lunch and my dad happened to join us. They love their granddaughter!  They're always stealing her away from me.  Which is fine at lunch time.  It gives me a chance to eat.

After lunch on Friday we came home and took a nap.  After nap time, we read our usual books, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle:
Like mother like daughter, kicking our feet up in the air.

We also hold the page together.

We went on an evening walk.
We haven't been on family walks since I was Pregnant (and 1! time after that).

Friday night we had a friend over, while he was over, Sonja threw a fit and I had to go to bed early, but not without trying a sip of some amazing Prickly Pear Vodka (thanks J.P.). 

After sleeping for a bit on Saturday, I woke up ate breakfast and then headed to my yoga class.  It's a pretty quick paced class and I haven't caught up yet, but I know I have to keep going and challenge myself until I can keep up, since that's the level I was at before and (mostly) during my pregnancy.  After yoga we did some grocery shopping, I went over budget, again. Husband mentioned the cost of food going up internationally... hopefully my spring veggies come in quickly and bountifully. In the afternoon SLC slept on my chest while we watched Mission Impossible 3. (about that; our Netflix queue is way low, any suggestions would be appreciated!)  Anyway, I love when she sleeps on me like that, it's the most heartbreakingly wonderful feeling in the world.

Sometimes, Little Miss makes me feed her in strange positions... like this: 
We're both standing, she likes being vertical.

She was fussy almost all day Sunday, we spent the day at Husband's parent's house and Cupcake screamed when her grandpa tried holding her.  She finally fell asleep on me while the boys watched football.  I hate football!  So, I blogged.

Happy Motherhood Monday!

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