Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Park no. 7

It's Thursday! Which is our routine Park day.

Brought a blanket for Little Miss to crawl around on.

The cops showed up, because someone called about dogs off of their leashes, which is really annoying, but not sure the cops really need to enforce silly laws like that...

Cupcake loves this cloth and wood fan I bought her from World Market.

A pretty tree.

More of that folding fan.

Midmorning Snack.

The ducks (or los patos - practicing our Espanol) were very friendly today

They all came right up to us, but I didn't have any snacks so they moved on quickly.

And that was our morning field trip today.  

Happy Non-Schooling, Park Visiting :)


  1. She looks so cute in her hat, glad it fits her

  2. Now this looks like a fun time! Can’t believe how close the ducks were to you! The folding fan is so pretty-there is something so cool about them : )


  3. new follower here! i found you on tbb. your little family is adorable. :)