Friday, April 29, 2011

D.I.Y. Painted Door {Side Room}

I've been in the process of completing the odd room on the side of our home into a functioning dinning room. It's weird because this addition has a separate entrance to the house (that's why our house has two front doors, not more than 10 feet apart) This week I was able to paint the door in the room to match the in-process color scheme.  The room will be light gray, white, and black with accents of yellow when complete.  

Sonja played in her bouncing chair while I painted

Here is the color! Saffron Thread (reminds me of paella and Spain!) by Behr

Here's the tool!
This roller is perfect for painting cabinets and doors, there is no piece on one end allowing for smooth clean rolling right up to edges and inside grooves.  It is sooo worth the 6 dollar investment!

Paint the inner nooks first and then go back with roller for smooth coverage.

Detail of the nooks, I love these indents.  

Paint All Finished.

After painting the door (p.s. that couch is just there temporarily)
Next is the walls.

I will of course update you as we continue making progress, and hopefully it won't be too long before the room is done.


  1. I love the yellow! Did you paint the outside or just the inside?

  2. This is just inside, right now the house is still black and white with bright numbers on the side. We will eventually be removing that god awful (but energy saving) wood paneling from the outside, when that happens we will be repainting the house a maroon color, with dark brown accents. I will have to do a write up with the inspiration house so it is more clear :)