Friday, April 22, 2011

Functional Friday No. 23

Slow Cooker!

This functional item was used last week in my house for my favorite quenoa casserole recipe.  Instead of using the canned (BPA lined or otherwise still plastically lined) beans, I buy mine in bulk and cook them.
Functional Crock Pot  (or Slow Cooker)

Bulk purchased pinto beans (bag was recycled)

Set to low heat, add 1 cup beans 3 cups water.
let cook, stir occasionally, done in a few hours (like while you're at work- they're cooking!)

Save the rest in a ball jar.

Finished beans, ready to be rinsed, strained and added to our dinner!

I did the math, and the amount of beans I bought (about 3 cups dry) would make more than 4 cans of beans and saved me over $7.  That's a lot of money when you eat this many beans a week.  Did I mention I hate Pinto beans BUT I love the quenoa recipe?!  Anyway, check out the other ingredients in your local bulk section and stop buying canned!!!

Love and Happy Friday!

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