Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What Sonja (and I) Wore no. 6

We dressed up last Sunday for Easter and here's what we wore...
Cupcake's dress is complements of Grandpa and Grandgla (Grandma-Angla) from Hawaii 
Her little Gpants are peaking out too.

I wore a Button up from New York and Company (a few seasons old)
Teal Skirt from our summer in London (can't remember the store sorry) I bought it and loved it but haven't been worn it much, I have to feel confident to wear it since it accentuates my tummy, ya know?
Shoes from American Eagle (2 summer's ago)

New gauges from husband, early Mother's day and Easter present from this etsy shop

Juicy Couture charm bracelet.  I haven't added charms in years, or worn it in a while either, but I still love each meaningful charm.

Button ups are a dress up must for new moms, those and at least one good nursing bra.
(Although, usually I just wear sports bras and tank tops)

Well I hoped you enjoyed what we wore. Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the color coordination! Happy belated Easter! Lookin good girls!