Monday, May 23, 2011

Momma Monday no. 41

Monday, I went grocery shopping as is my usual routine.  I came home and cooked and baked.  I made some couscous, so good! and some granola bars, also delicious. 
I also ironed, yes. Ironed Cupcake's shirt.
Tuesday was Husband's day to hang out with Cupcake while I taught art, he ended up getting home a little early.  I was just returning from a friends house when we both pulled into the driveway.  I thought since he was home early we'd get to enjoy lunch together, our dog on the other hand thought we should spend the time cleaning up poop.  yeah, poop.  As if I don't have enough of that to clean up from a baby... One of the dogs pooped on our living room rug, and instead of eating lunch we took it outback and sprayed it off.  I'm so sick of poop...

Thankfully, we got some rain on Tuesday though. :)

Sonja and I played out back for a bit while it sprinkled.

She loves playing with my sigg

and she just discovered the rocks in our backyard.
Thousands of choking hazards!

Wednesday night we met some friends for some vegan food from Green. The chef catered our wedding, that's how much I love his food.
Soy-namis (like tsunami) in the parking lot.

Thursday, Sonja and I were playing in the livingroom in our pajamas when we got a pleasant surprise... 
My aunt showed up with a sweet gift!
I've been wanting a GLASS drink dispenser with metal spout for years now!
She is amazing and thoughful and sweet and bought me one!
Thanks Jenny!!

During nap time, I got some paintings done...
 They're small, just 3.5x5 in.
I left the spaces blank for now, going to list some of these little guys on my etsy shop.

Friday night, we went to a few art showings.  The first was at After Hours Gallery and there were some amazing cupcakes and food (obviously the art was great too).  After the first stop we went to the Hive where Katie had a few pieces.

Papa and Cupcake hanging out while I snacked on these: 

Cupcakes by Ashley's Cupcakes and More.

Later at the Hive...
I was testing out my manual skills on my SLR but it took me a while to get it how I wanted it... 

This huge circular light was so intesting and I LOVE how it looked at night.

When I checked my facebook on Friday night, I saw several of my friends had posted this media coverage about home births.  That's my midwife and my friend Jamie they intrviewed!  Take a look :)

Saturday, I had a small yard sale in the morning to get rid of a few items and get some extra cash for future furniture projects.  I made $53 (my goal was $50) from 2 TV.s, a bag of flip flops, and an old dresser. After the sucessful yard sale; we went to our midwives grand opening of their new community space.  If you're not familiar with Midwives Rising, check out their blog here

My setup.

I did some facepainting for the kiddos there.

Tammy Coe and MJ Bread donated some sweet pasteries!


Some wonderful music.

Shell and some of her babes

Lovely Little Duck I painted.

an owl I painted on Mani

Getting ready for the kid parade!

Sunday was a lazy day we relaxed at home with some root beer floats and enjoyed some family time.

Happy Momma Monday! Hope your week is off to a grat start!

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