Monday, May 30, 2011

Momma Monday no. 41

I gave Sonja some Roasted Garlic Hummus on Monday!  She loved it!  I was shocked because she NEVER lets me put mushy food in her mouth. But she did and she let me give it to her a few times. 
Naked butt!

She also slept in her playpen while I baked.  I couldn't believe that she feel back asleep after a little fuss.  It was amazing to watch her sleep but still be able to work on things.  She's crawling now, so I can't leave her alone on our bed during naps anymore- very challenging!


Tuesday she was 8 months old. As an update, I'll share some common milestones she's completed.
1. Crawling, she has been doing this for some time now! She started around 6 months old and is super fast, a little too fast for my taste.  But it keeps me busy :)
2. Manipulating Toys, she can pick up, reach for, throw and play with all her toys well now.  She likes knocking over towers of blocks (and tries saying block, "blooah")
3. Pincer Grasp, she has been picking up and reaching for things with her thumb and index finger for a while but now she's getting pretty good at it.
4. Naps, she naps 3 times a day, morning, lunch and dinner, and sleeps about 10-12 hours a night.
5. Food. She loves milk, but is starting to try more foods.  We don't have her eat those cereals (even though our parents keep asking) since they're SO processed, but she likes cucumbers, guacamole, hummus and blackberries- those are the newest ones we've introduced this week.
6. Mom.  She knows and says mamamamama all day long, if she's hungry or wants to be held.  She prefers me to be holding her a lot of the time and will try to climb up me if I'm not holding her (for instance while I pee or eat), something her Naturopath mentioned would happen around 9 months.
This baby doesn't know how to sit still!

Wednesday Day, we went to the Midwives Rising open hours and hung out with little miss lily (my midwife's daughter) and ate some amazing left over lunch that Shell whipped together.  She also cut up some mango and rubbed pepper (jalapeños maybe?) on them, the sweet and spicy was yummy.  Sonja had a great time playing with the leftover sound makers and parade props from the grand opening.  I'm so happy I found a midwife who cares about her community.  I love that other mamas and babies just show up and we all hang out.  It's a great experience and I'm so lucky to be a part of it!

Midwives Rising, soon to be home and gallery of my photography work!

Wednesday night, Hubs let me cook dinner!  I love cooking, but while I was pregnant he took over the task and hasn't really let me cook much since then.  Anyway, I made some stuffed 8 ball zucchinis and they were delicious!

Thursday, Cupcake full on walked!  Friday of last week and a few times this week she made transfers between furniture with a single step, but Thursday, while I was at work :(, she took 2 steps outside with her Aunt Emily!

Friday, or sometime this week, Aunt Emily asked Sonja for a kiss and she gave it to her! She now gives besos (kisses) to anyone she knows, when asked.  It's the cutest thing! She even will mimic the sound, even if she does open mouth suck on your cheek.

Saturday Mornings are a special time for our family.  Usually, our dogs will run into the room as soon as I open the door.  We all cuddle and hang out before heading to the farmer's market.  This Saturday, Sonja discovered Lola also has nipples.  Her's, however, do not make milk.
Lola Tummy.

Saturday Morning.

This weekend, not including the holiday (today), was a sweet one. Not that Monday was bad, it's just not over yet, and will be included with next weeks reflection :)
Naked Time!
I don't think there is anything sweeter than a baby bum.  This little girl hardly used a diaper all weekend long.

Sunday Morning, Cupcake discovered the toilet paper roll...

During nap time on Sunday, I was able to paint a lot of my latest watercolor pieces.  I've been trying to perfect my outline and watercolor skills during nap time, since that's when the house is calm and especially on the weekends when daddy can sit in bed or nap with her. 
Works in Progress.

Sunday evening we went to Husband's parents house.  We ate some yummy food and caught up with some family friends.  Sonja even gave her Grandpa a kiss!  Something major, considering that the past few months she's cried almost every time he's seen her :(

After dinner we went swimming, well sort of... I got Cupcake into her uber cute swimsuit and we put our feet in.  It was a lot cooler once the sun was setting so we didn't full on swim like I wanted but she did enjoy the water!  Also, a big deal, seeing as every time we try and bathe with her she fusses.  She's a strictly shower baby, but hopefully not for long.  Here's to swimming all summer long!

I think those are all the interesting and semi interesting things to happen this past week.
Hope you all have a Happy Memorial Momma Monday!  

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