Friday, June 3, 2011

Functional Friday no. 24


I don't know what the fuck took me sooo long to google: "How to add yahoo email to android" but I just did.  And now, I finally have my (seriously outdated) email added to my phone.  There was a glitch and it stopped syncing a few months ago.  I kept meaning to add it but there are only a few reasons I still check that email; I'm running the same yahoo email I've had since 2003 and I keep trying to do away with it, but I haven't quite transfered ALL my contacts and important mail out yet. So when the un-sync happened I procrastinated in adding in back onto my phone.

ANYWAY, I thought some of you out there in cyber land might be having a similar issue so I thought I'd share the SUPER EASY how to and links for you to add your yahoo, and if you're like me your godaddy email too.  Go Daddy is who I purchased my website through and I also procrastinated in adding that email onto my phone because every time I tried I failed.  But, as my mother always says, "better late than never."

To add a yahoo email to your droid visit this link, you just enter your phone number on the top right and it texts you a step by step on how to get the app. for your phone.

This one is a bit more challenging so you'll want to follow the directions closely.  I kept wanting to sync my email to my phone for my website but I have NO IDEA what the difference is between a POP and a IMAP or STMP is, so I followed the directions here.

I hope this post inspires you to google whatever it might be that you kept meaning to do but didn't know how to!  So glad, I did.

Happy Googleing!

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