Monday, June 6, 2011

Momma Monday no. 42

Monday was Memorial Day and it was just an extra weekend day for us, we lounged, we ate, we watched movies.  Sometimes you just need an extra day, ya know?  Thanks to people like Jaxon and Richie we have that opportunity!

Tuesday was the last day of Art Class with my 9th and 10th graders, I've had a really great year with them and I am sooo excited for next year!  I will be putting their artwork online, so stay tuned for a link... if they give me permission to share.

Wednesday was the last day teaching for the year.  I attended a breakfast for my seniors in the morning and had a final critique with them that afternoon in our AP Art Prep class.  I was bummed none of my seniors had enough artwork to portfolio this year, but my Juniors next year will definitely have enough! I was really rough on them this year, assigning over 24 assignments, but in the end I dropped about 8 of those and allowed them to develop their pieces more fully.  I'm still waiting to upload photos of their work and if I get their permission I'll link you to it so you can see how seriously talented they are!

Also, on Wednesday my sister moved out!  I'm in shock because my Sister-In-Law who will be moving into her room is in Guatemala, so I have NO ONE here with me for the next 10 days.  It's just me and Cupcake and I'm a little concerned about my sanity because to avoid boredom; we usually hang out with whichever family member is living with us at any given time...

I guess Wednesday was a really busy day, because I almost forgot to mention that I took some photos for Midwives Rising! I was lucky enough to photography a few mums and babies while hanging out with my daughter.  I will be filling the walls at MR with images of families, love and life.  I'm currently offering free to small donation photo shoots for anyone who birthed with Shell or Mani so that they can have art with babies they greeted all over their walls.  If you're Phoenix local and birthed with them email me!
How cute are these two?!

I also got a few of Jamie drawing blood:
Jamie is a doula and assistant to Shell Walker, L.M. if you want someone awesome taking care of you during your pregnancy and labor you NEED these ladies :)

Thursday, we woke up early to drive Daddy to work, because his truck was not safe to my standards.  It sucked getting up that early and I'm thankful my role in our household is breastfeeding and parenting and NOT working (full time) I hate waking up before 7am 9am.  Once we got home, Cupcake took a nap, and so did I.  We woke up, hung out, ate some late breakfast, took another nap (while edited photos), got coffee, went to the park, fed some ducks, came home, took another nap, and then Daddy was home.  Love days like that!

Thursday night I was supposed to go to a Graduation ceremony for my students, but my sister needed help moving and without having Husband there to help with Sonja I knew it would be a nightmare.  She is constantly hungry from 8-9pm so I didn't go :(  but I'm sure my seniors had a great ceremony and I wish them the very best in their future endeavors!  They're some of the best women I know.

Friday we slept a lot.  Then we met Daddy for lunch!  After hanging out with him and the family at the office we headed back home. Once we were back on our side of town we stopped at Uncle Wayne's apartment to go swimming.  He lives in one of those nice luxury condo style apartments and they have a very nice pool .  I think we just found our Friday routine!  Sonja still isn't quite sure about the whole water situation and she sort of fusses but then also laughs.  She does NOT like splashing, even when she accidentily does it with her own hand.  But I think over the next few months she'll get more used to it.  She is so light in the pool, I love that it doesn't kill my rotator cuff  to hold her.  Plus, I like swimming, hopefully I can work off the last of my baby weight that way.  

After swimming though I got an unpleasant surprise (TMI ALERT) my period is back :(
8+ months of breastfeeding kept it away until now.  Oh well, now at least I can start charting my fertility for contraception!  Of course we're still breastfeeding, so it might be wacky or lighter, I'm not totally sure how that works?

Saturday, we did our usual farmers market routine after breakfast...
Ignore my husbands alien hand he likes to ruin my photos.

The Usual.

Finally, COMPLETED, a silk screen for my friend.

Love this outfit! thanks Mom!!
Everything from American Eagle, except the purse; fossil and the necklace; me.

Sunday, we had a breakfast date at Lux with Sonja and we brought our dog Lola.

Graded some finals during Cupcake's nap time.

Organic Non-Exploding Watermelon!

Sonja really wanted some, so I gave in and gave her some fruit...

Hubs shared with the dogs too.

The finished shirt. i'll have to do a diy post on silk screening...

almost ate ALL of these before getting a photo!
Sprinkles cupcakes are delicious, even if most of the girls working at the Scottsdale shop are dumb.

Sonja keeping herself entertained.

I almost forgot to mention that Sonja started waving this week, like she knows that it means hello and goodbye, so cute!  Also, I turned around on Thursday to whistling - turns out she realized we were blowing into her wooden whistle toy and tried it herself, she thinks its super funny and does it all the time now.

And I think that's all I did last week, which really was a lot.  Hope you're all having a wonderful Momma Monday!
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