Monday, July 25, 2011

Momma Monday No. 48

My weekly reflection through images...
Books all over the kitchen, the usual.

Trying out Soba Noodles!

Had to got to the post office Monday to ship a package to my mama, she was out of town.

Went out with my friend Jessica to for a ladies night, got an Italian soda at Lux, I know.  We're Wild!
But seriously, look at this storm we drove and sat outside through.  That's DUST!

After our drinks out, I came home to a fancy grilled cheese, salad and Harry Potter, and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Wednesday was my friend Jaime's birthday, so I made her a cake.
Banana and chocolate chip from scratch.
We only had whole wheat flour and somehow it still turned out delicious and sweet, not hearty at all.

Thursday, I had to bring milk to the Midwives' office and was reading through their coffee table books.  
Love this image in the Mamatoto book.

This one is pretty great too.

Then Sonja drove me to breakfast.
{okay, don't freak out, we were really just waiting for the A/C to kick on before putting her in her car seat}

Then, I got home and started sketching some pieces for my collaboration project with my bestie.

After, nap and sketching, Emily and I made some headbands.

Another nap and another sketch.

Friday, Swim Day!

Fresh Organic Peaches from the farmers market! on Saturday.

Saturday evening we had Tacos and Margaritas from scratch.

Gretchen held Cupcake while I ate.

Sunday we went to Urban Beans for some coffee.

Love their ceramic sugar holders.  Excellent use of Texture! 

Cupcake was very interested in the lights.


Close up of that painting behind him (above).

Playing on the patio.

Picking up dirt...

...and flowers.

Trying to escape.

Daddy on duty.

Enjoying my Iced Coffee.  We would have stayed longer if it wasn't 100+ degrees outside!
Notice my glass, yes, glass. I bring my own cup, always, you should too.
It's the easiest way to reduce and reuse.

We also started our Fall 2011 Garden this weekend, progress photos will be posted soon.  I'm going to be a busy mama this week, I'm babysitting for a friend!  Hope you enjoyed this past week in photos.

Happy Momma Monday!

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  1. Those SHOES! Seriously love them. Please dish.

  2. DIANE! Check out my latest post, What Sonja Wore!! They're on there :)