Friday, September 23, 2011

D.I.Y. Ball Jar Lids

For Sonja's 1st Birthday {TOMORROW!} I made some ball jar lids.  I had a hard time finding any that I liked and looked like what I wanted {specifically, I wanted something that only had one hole just barely big enough for the straw}, so I made some.

Ball Jar Lids
Drill case or surface to drill on and into
Drill Bit Size 1/4 inch or bigger depending on your straw.

Start with basic lid

Get 1/4 Size drill bit

Rest inner lid on top of surface with a hole or okay to drill into.

This is my drill's case, the handle of it to be more specific.

Drill directly into lid, anywhere you choose.

Careful, sometimes it's not a smooth hole 
and you'll have to pull these, sand them or discard them to avoid injuries.

I only had like 4 of these out of 24 though.

This is the normal scrap, so keep an eye out for them, they're very sharp.

Make sure to collect and discard the scraps from the holes.

Finished Product!

Sorry the lighting is awful, the only chance I have to do these types of projects is while baby is sleeping or when someone else is watching her.

Good Luck!

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