Monday, September 19, 2011

Momma Monday no. 56

Here's a little list of things Cupcake is doing right now. She will be a year old on Saturday the 24th! I feel like it was just yesterday I was giving birth, I can not believe how much this little being has changed in just 12 short months.

Where's your head? smacks side of head
Where's your nose? sticks finger in her nostril
Where's your foot? kicks out leg and points to toes
Where's your tummy? smacks tummy
What does a doggy say? says "pff, pff" {closest sound to woof woof she can make}
Can you dance? Are you dancing? spins in circles and stomps feet
Can you give a high five? hits your hand with hers
Da un beso a tu ______? (give a kiss to_________) opens her mouth wide and makes kissing sound upon contact
Can you say Hiya!? says Hiya and swings arms like karate chops {I may have made an extra effort to teach her this one}
Blow a kiss. smacks hand to mouth and then out {slowly transitions into Native American mocking sound though}

"dis" means this, always accompanied with pointing.
Everything except mama, dada, dog, book is dis.
She also surprised us all by saying Brutus this week, our dog's name, except it sounds more like boo-tis, but cute none the less!
signs; milk, more, up, down, eat/food.
nods yes and no.
She just now loves stuffed animals, dogs specifically.  But, finally, is starting to take an interested in anything stuffed and soft.
She also enjoys bringing me all the clothes in her drawer one by one.
She loves being outside, we spend hours outside, she's been stung by bees, bitten by ants, nothing fazes her, this girl is a nature baby (contrary to the picture below, she just likes dragging bags around...)

That's all I have for now, Happy Momma Monday!

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  1. hhaaha too cute! I love when little ones first start talking about pointing to things like their nose and other body parts. It really is so adorable! and i LOVE that last picture! That is just too cute for words!

    In our sea of love