Thursday, October 20, 2011

D.I.Y. Occupy and Protest

Many of my friends have recently asked me to join the at OccupyPhoenix.  But I won't.  and here's why...

If you want to protest (peacefully):
1. Grow your own food.  If you don't buy food, corporations won't make money, stop shopping at Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and other corporate stores that sell organic produce and products, that does not make them good companies it makes them smart.  They know that organic sells so they sell it.
2. Buy Used.  Well, stop buying things you don't need.  THEN, if you must, buy it used.  or trade.  If no one is manufacturing it, they can't make money off of it.
3. If you MUST buy new, buy local.  Stop supporting large corporations for everyday needs. Don't go to Walmart or Target for razors, invest in a local aesthetician for a wax.  Don't buy shampoo, make it.
4. Stop driving your car.  Taking the bus is second best, but riding a bike or walking is first. This stops the use of oil and therefore stops corporations from selling you the oil.
5. Stop building.  Buy a used home.  And make necessary updates to keep it functional.  Don't buy a new home or make unnessary upgrades.  This prevents corportaions from making money off of you occupying this earth.

I'm still working on the kinks on this concept, but seriously violence and money are what make things happen. If you're not going to choose one you better choose the other.

AND, I doubt many of the protesters or occupiers do any or all of the above, hell, I can't even do all of the above- driving is my biggest flaw.  It's a lot easier to sit on a street corner than it is to actually change your behavior.  And, if you're not willing to change your behavior why would you expect the greedy C.E.O.s to change theirs??

My life is my protest, my daughter is my protest, my heart and my home are my protest, I don't need to occupy a physical space, every action I make is occupied with my awareness of the destructiveness of greed.

Also, no matter what anyone tells you, a protest is no place for a child, anyone can insight a riot and pepper spray and violence can occur before necessary protection can be put in place.  No, I will not be joining my friends at such events, my daughter needs a mother at home to nurse her not in a jail cell.  Although, I do have to give a shout out to my friend, Beth, if you're going to support a cause, you better fucking support it.  Even if that means getting arrested.

Happy Social Changing.

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