Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 Phone Photo Dump

I use my phone as my point and shoot these days.  The DSLR is just too big and bulky to drag around with me EVERYWHERE so here are some snap shots from the past month... enjoy.

Water break at the park
Dental work is always fun 
Birthday Banner 
Ducks and our park adventures 
New toy with the gift card to Whole Foods 
from Uncle Danny and Aunt Janay
Made from recycled milk jugs 
Her new rocking horse from Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Wayne. 
Butternut Squash Pizza and Pumpkin Ale.
Hung up some of my work at Midwives Rising. 
Thrift Store Finds. 
New Members of the Desert Botanical Garden. 

Snooping around Lux Coffee bar.
Fall Colored Pedicure.
The Jam Yo!
Vodka and Vanilla Beans, Extract Soon!
Rosemary sweet potatoes. 
Early morning garden. 
Paint Prep for the Master Bedroom. 
Giant bear at the midwives. 

More Vanilla for more extract. 
New friend at Lux 
Running Errands for work downtown.
Trying out some Halloween ideas on the dogs, left over costume from years ago... 
Freaking out about my computer failing yet again... 
Hanging out at the Midwives with some new kiddos 
Typing away at Lux, while we wait for my drink. 
Ingredients for Quiche.  
Got my computer back and up and running! yay!
Covered under the extended warranty!
White Pumpkins in my garden.
Vegan Apple Pie!
 Coffee Date.
A sneak peak at the progress in the Master Bedroom. 
Just the red for now, will do trim and curtains when financially viable. 
I have a weakness for processed foods, and that weakness is double stuff Oreos.
I only buy them when they're seasonally dyed too. (spring green or halloween orange)
My insides must hate me for this.
Planted some Tulip Bulbs and I'm so excited for them to bloom this spring. 
Vegan Pumpkin Pie!
Treehouse bakery is the BEST.
{p.s. I'm not even vegan, I just support the idea of cutting back on dairy whenever possible, these desserts are so good, you wouldn't know that you're "missing out"} 
Playing at Desert Ridge while I was at a meeting.
Isn't her dress the cutest?! her auntie Jessica made if for her, from a pillowcase. 
My favorite flowers at the Desert Botanical Gardens
A butterfly landed on my head! 
Can you see the giant dragon fly?  {sculpture made from wood}
Want to live in one of these. FOR REAL!
I LOVE the land where I live. 
So does my Cupcake. 
Little Anarchist, trying to sneak into the Closed pathway. 

Oh did you know I make the BEST lasagna?
Well I do. and this was all zucchini from our garden,
 layered with noodles and husbands home made pasta sauce.
You missed out :)
Dinner Party, a.k.a. a normal week night at our home. 

Pretty Pedicure for Halloween.
Black Crackle on top of Orange. 
Spooky right?

Post Mortem Scorpion I found in the pile of clothes Cupcake was playing in...
from her drawer in her bedroom.
We've had a few in our home, and honestly I don't mind.
They're my power animal and are soothing for me to watch, I normally transplant instead of kill, but I had to smoosh this one since it was high risk. Broke my panic attacked heart.
I made a pumpkin bowl for our Fall-o-ween party, cute right?

Could not be more excited about this tiny tea kettle from Cost Plus, World Market!
$4.99 for a glass infuser. stoked, I dry my own herbs and have been needing one of these for a while now.

left over wedding cake from the wedding I photographed last week...
I may or may not have eaten this for breakfast.

My home made apple cider ingredients.
Organic Apple juice
Organic Apples

Add cloves to the oranges, I pre-poke with a fork.

add some cinnamon sticks too for good measure.
simmer on low heat all day, enjoy in the early evening.

Home made Tortilla chips
Cut with cookie cutters, bake at 350* for 15 minutes. 

Home Made Vegan Sweet Potato Hummus from this recipe

My father in law loves me, he brought over some Chocolate Liquor.

We enjoyed the park Halloween morning.

and got ready that evening.  Little Miss Kitty Kat wouldn't let me get a good photo of those ears!

{not with the phone, but I thought I should post these too}

Packed up all of our decorations this morning... until next year.

If you follow me on tumblr you might have seen some repeats, but I wanted to share all of these in one place!

Hope you're October was just as good as mine :)  And now onto November!  Hello, Birthday Month... 26 Here I come. And don't you love that today is 11/1/11?  It's so fun to write!


  1. love your matching costumes. also, seasonally dyed oreos really ARE better tasting.

  2. I love all of these photos- it's too hard to pick a favorite! But butternut squash pizza?! I've been craving squash lately for some reason and this looks really good to me right about now.