Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sonja Wardrobe Update

I just wanted to share some of Sonja's amazing new winter clothes with you!  We're going out of town in a few weeks and her Grandpa gave me her Christmas money early so she would be warm while traveling!  This is what I got her...
Uggs, snow boots, 2 set of leg warmers/leggings, scarf (from Scottland) and two hats
Softest coat from Germany 
Dress and Leggings set 
Fleece outfit from Gap 
Super Preppy Dress! 
Juicy Sweat Pants 
The back, I didn't even realize until I was taking this photo that they were Juicy. 
Organic Cotton Pajama Set
Old Navy Pea Coat
Organic Cotton Pajama Set

All of these are USED! from Hissyfits.  Total Cost for everything was under $170.
Pretty amazing finds if you ask me!

Happy Second Hand Shopping!

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