Sunday, March 18, 2012

D.I.Y. Upcycle Stained White Clothes into Wearable Black Ones!

I've had a pile of great white shirts with stains on them for months now.  I always ruin my white clothes by spilling something on them, and recently I finally dyed them black{ish}!

Here's what you need:
big bucket {I used 5 gallon from home depot}
pile of white clothes
rit dye
hot water
spoon for stirring
salt for helping the dye absorb
an hour or more free time.

Here's what you do:
boil enough water for the clothes. follow bottle for full instructions. 
See the stains on the white onesie? 
into the bucket they go, top with boiling water and let sit a moment. 
add dye. I used a half bottle because I didn't have a lot of clothes. 
then start stirring... 
clothes will look fully dyed in about 2 minutes.  don't be fooled, it's important to keep stirring! 
also wear black while dying anything dark, you don't want to have splatters of color on your good clothes! 
also, this would be fun to do to the handles on spoons... have to research the food safety of rit dye. 
I let the bucket sit overnight since the water cools and I'm lazy with stirring. 
then the next morning I rinse outside, then down the drain. is that bad? I try to do it in my yard instead of into the water supply.
rinse until the water runs clear and then line dry.

they turned out charcoal, probably because I never stir or boil the full time, I'm a little lazy.
but I always love how they turn out!

happy upcycling!

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