Sunday, March 25, 2012

Respecting Time Part 2

Be thankful for the time you have, don't wish it away.

I know a few people who like to count down.  309 days til my birthday, 42 days until my due date, 1,960 days until I die.  Wait what?!

When you count down, you loose the ability to focus on the moment you're in.  We're all here temporarily.  Every moment you wish was closer is actually denying the moment that's here, right now, the opportunity to exist.

I blame school for this phenomenon and I know I'm not alone.  Each day millions of students sit at square desks in windowless {or small windowed} rooms and wish that the teacher will just stop talking, that the bell will just start ringing.  They don't just hope for it, many pray for it.  They beg.  "Just 2 more hours until I get to go home."

We need to adjust who we are as a culture.  We need to learn that every moment is our life, sometimes it takes the fear of death {not that you should be scared, even though I am} to reestablish awareness of the moment.  If someone told you, you had 6 months to live, I bet you'd stop counting. I bet you'd do the things you want to do.  I bet you'd eat healthier to avoid a quicker death.  I bet you'd stop putting off those yoga lessons, and start reading those books you bought.  I bet you pamper yourself with love and joy.  I bet you'd respect your time on this earth.

So why wait?  Stop counting down for something amazing to happen.  Go outside and make it happen.  Take that hike.  Play with your pups and/or kids.  Eat your favorite foods, the ones that nourish you, not poison you. Clean out your closet.  Take that trip you've been saving for.  Whatever it is, enjoy it, or enjoy waiting for it.

I can't tell you how many times people told me they couldn't wait for my baby to arrive, but I could because I knew it would change my life, I knew the waiting would be worth it.  People now are always asking how old she is, and telling me how fast it will go by, and asking if she's running yet, talking yet, and although she is, I appreciate each moment of her and CAN wait for her to ride a bike, swim, feed herself, bathe herself.  I know that each moment that passes is one I will never get back, and I will NEVER wish away her time or mine.  It's too special.

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  1. Absolutely what I needed to hear!! This is something on my heart right now as I am so so guilty of doing this.
    "...six months til we can have the funds to do this." "...three sleeps til the weekend."
    I find myself blazing through a daze of days and looking back and saying, "whoa, were did those three months go where I was waiting?" And having no worthwhile memories or accomplishments for that time period - because I was purely counting down days. So sad really.