Monday, March 12, 2012

{W & G Wedding} The Rehearsal

This past week was wedding week in my family.  My Brother in law got married to the sweetest gal {who planned EVERYTHING herself in true D.I.Y. fashion.  I guess it helps that she coordinates weddings for a living}.

I thought I'd take a moment to share all the great photographs from the rehearsal.  Enjoy.
PreRehearsal Bathroom photo of my curls! 
On my way to the rehearsal.
She did great at the rehearsal! 
Some of the groomsmen, with a Cupcake fingerprint on my lens! 
Groom and father of the bride, practicing the giveaway :) 
My toes, because I know you all want to see them. 
Hub's younger cousin found this at the venue.

Some guys I know. and a baby too.
A few attempts at family photos. 
A little bright, but at least my curls look good :)

Then, we headed to the Mellow Mushroom {a pizza joint, get it?} for the rehearsal dinner.  Everyone got 2 tickets for their prepaid drinks, and the food was SO GOOD! Whole wheat pizza?! How I've missed gluten!
Luke and Jxn. 
Sorry, you know the rules; no Cupcake face.
My first drink of the night, only 4% alc.  but so yummy.
Matt and Emily 
Garlic Bread! 
Bruchetta {obviously, my diet is on hold}
Sister of the Bride and the future Mr. and Mrs. 
Up Close with low lighting.
Salad! with really yummy honey dijon dressing. 
and to end the night, a much missed Rhite Russian. 
Hubs and family with a sleepy baby.

It was so great to enjoy a lovely meal with all the family and friends of our brother, although Cupcake was a show stealer and EVERYONE wanted to see her :) just wait until you see her flower girl dress!

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