Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Link Love No. 13

My favorite aisle at the art store, paint and paper, who could ask for more?

Here are a few links I love right now.  I've pinned a few of these on my pinterest, but thought I'd share them here too.

Amazing yoga Photos!!

31 awesome uses for ball jars!

50 uses for Vinegar!

All Natural Cleaners, with recipes!!

Homemade disinfectants!

I REALLY love this ring!

Interesting, creativity tour, get into it.

Natural ways to get rid of a headache.

Finding a new blog to read.  Like I need anymore...

I love these raw bars from my friend Michelle's blog.  I'm making a serious effort to eatright4mybloodtype and to eat more of a raw vegan diet, without actually being vegan (meaning, I do organic local eggs and organic Greek yogurt but trying to focus on raw fruits, vegetable and nuts)

With all my friend's pregnant around me, I can't help but think about my future pregnancy (if and when it happens) and my evolving thoughts on the placenta.  I know I need to read at least one book about it.

While looking for items for Sonja's second birthday {LESS THAN 4 MONTHS AWAY!} I found the cutest party decor website.

And because I know many people are still choosing hospital births when they could birth at home, why women should fear homebirths!

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