Monday, June 11, 2012

A Day in the Life {June 2012}

7:30am Wake up to nurse Sonja
8:00am Actually, wake up for the day, after nursing.  Yes, were still nursing at 21 months.
            Go to the bathroom, then take Sonja to the bathroom, she pees and we head to the kitchen.
            While preparing breakfast, I check my, Facebook, Twitter, and email on my phone
            We also let the dogs outside and water the garden.

8:30am Tidy up the kitchen and put away appliances left out from the night before. Put away dried dishes.
            Clean dishes left in the sink. Entertain and argue with Sonja about cleaning up the food she just
            chewed up and spit all over the floor.
            Sweep and mop the kitchen area because I'm developing selective OCD.
8:55am Actually, eat the breakfast, that I made earlier.

9:33am We have our hair and teeth brushed and are ready to walk out the door.  Today, we're visiting
             Daddy, at work.  We leave and visit with him and his co workers (a.k.a. other family members) for
             about 45 minutes.

11:04am Rush home to grab lunch and head to the Midwives' office for a milk sharing meet up.
            While at the Midwives', we're invited to go to lunch with some lovely ladies so we head to Gallo 
            Blanco.  Their Roasted Corn appetizer is amazing!

2:48pm Leave the Midwives' office and head home with an amazing bath blend my midwife made me for our
            anniversary weekend coming up.
3:07pm Lay outback to let the sun kill the thrush reappearing on my nipples.  Laying out for 15 minutes a
             day actually increases your vitamin D intake and can kill candida.  I'm trying to make a habit of it.
3:21pm Head inside to work on architecture proposal
3:47pm Husband gets home early and the dogs' reaction wakes up Sonja.  Fail.
3:52pm Still nursing Sonja from her unexpected wake up.
4:15pm Finally, get cupcake situated and start tidying up the kitchen and feeding her a smoothie.

4:53pm Realize I have 2 missed calls and 2 text messages from 2 different people requesting that I call them
             back because it's "important"!
4:54pm Call person number 1, she mentions they are bringing over a house for me to house sit.
4:55pm Call person number 2, she mentions she needs me to take her to an interview next week while
            visiting because she *MIGHT* be moving here!!
5:13pm Person number 1 and her husband show up at our home with said fish.  My Husband stops working
             on dinner, even though I'm starving, to chit chat about guns (story of my life).
5:43pm Purchase new washing machine online because the old one broke in the middle of washing ALL of
             Cupcake's dirty diapers {thank god she only poops in the toilet!}
6:13pm Finally, they leave, and husband can go to the grocery store, I resume working on the architecture
6:33pm Husband returns from the store and puts the dinner in the oven, I wash all the dishes. Teamwork!

7:14pm Dinner is DONE!
7:34pm Check email. Reply to students' emails regarding their grades.
8:01pm Finish emailing students.
8:07pm Read "Cat in the Hat" to Sonja
8:16pm Get dressed to get Fro-yo with my Brother and Sister in law.
8:20pm Still tearing the house apart to find my ZoYo punch card!  Sonja was playing with it just the other
8:23pm Get Frozen Yogurt at ZoYo
9:34pm Take a bath with Sonja, she tried 6 flavors of yogurt and each one ended up more on her face than
             in her mouth.
10:12pm Check Eats on Feets page from my phone and realize I need to help facilitate a milky match.
10:53pm Finish emailing and messaging requesting and donor mamas regarding milk sharing. Finally lay down for bed after brushing my teeth.

I didn't realize where all my time went until I kept this little log.  I did so much in one day, it changed my outlook so much.  Normally, when Husband gets home and asks me what we did that I day, I complain about not getting anything done.  I realized though I get a lot done, and only a little bit of what I want to do, BUT a lot of what I have to do.

What about you? are feeling a little overwhelmed or under accomplished? keep a daily journal and post a link below.  I'd love to read about your daily routine, especially if you manage a household {I could use some tips}.

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  1. We are on the same wave length!!! A few thoughts ...
    Salted Caramel froyo - YUM!
    How do you get your eggs to not stick to your cast iron?
    Lunch out with friends is the best :)

    1. Olive oil! I just wait for it to warm up, it works with omelets and sunny side up, but scrambled eggs still stick a little {good thing I don't like them that way}.