Friday, June 1, 2012

Functional Friday No. 28

Hydrogen Peroxide!

I almost forgot to share these photos from Hawaii! They're not pretty, but they're definitely something I remember from the trip!

In the middle of the night husband heard a sound (turns out it was the dryer!) and he grabbed his knife off the night stand and when he opened it, he cut his thumb.  While it's awfully embarrassing for him, that's not the point of the story.

The point?  How do you get blood out of a hotel/rented condo's carpet?

The answer? Hydrogen Peroxide...
Before: Dabbed with wet paper towel to remove any extra blood.
Hydrogen Peroxide from ABC store with in walking distance from our condo.
Spray on carpet an allow to soak until all the red/brown is gone.
use a paper towel to remove any moisture and spot clean the carpet.
After. No more blood.

I learned this trick from my midwife when a drop of the placenta and cord blood got onto the homebirthing family's white carpet.  Works like a charm!

The next day.

Unfortunately the thumb wasn't as easy of a fix.  Husband is, however, an expert with butterfly band-aids so no stitches were needed.  The moral of the story? Always have a well stocked medical kit when traveling to avoid the ER, don't open your fixed blade knives like an idiot, and make sure you have know how to clean blood off of any surface to avoid paying damages to the hotel.

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