Thursday, July 5, 2012

7 day Challenge by Metta Yoga!

Can I just start by telling you all how much I love yoga?!  I do.  A Lot!

Last week I purchased a 7 day challenge pass from Metta Yoga.  Basically, if you go to yoga everyday for a week you get your money back for the classes.  The pass was $19 {for SEVEN classes} and then at the end of the week you get a $19 credit to their store!

I was seriously impressed with their schedule and selection for the classes.  They have two studios one in Arcadia and they teach at a phoenix resort {the Phoenician}. I was really excited to check out both locations.

I went to Sunday Morning FREE yoga at Lululemon, which is who sponsored the whole challenge and where I heard about Metta Yoga.  The guest teacher for the class, who always changes, signed my card.   I was 1 of 7 days closer to getting my $19!  I love practicing yoga outside and it feels great to be part of a community practicing yoga together, even if it is offered by a corporation {you know how I feel about most of those!}

Sunrise and Breakfast 

Monday I went to a 6:15 am class, and I am NOT a morning person.  I really enjoyed the energy I maintained all day and the teacher did a combination where we went from chair pose to boat pose and then back to chair without using our hands.  Needless to say, it was challenging.  At the end of class the teacher walked around the room and gave everyone a little head and neck massage and some orange aromatherapy!  A really great way to end shavasana and start the day!

The view from the studio at the Phoenician location

Tuesday was an evening class hosted at the Phoenician location.  The teacher showed us how to get into a headstand and I've never attempted one before.  She offered to spot me without me having to ask and helped me to get into the pose safely {without any weight on my head!} and then helped me hold it for a few minutes!  It was really empowering and exciting.  She also gave a little shoulder massage during shavasana. 

My new to me book and warm up on Wednesday night.

Wednesday was another evening class.  I got there about 30 minutes early, accidently.  So, while in the waiting room I perused the book trade section and found a book about Pilates during pregnancy. I'm not pregnant but if I ever am again; I want to stay in shape and I think it's really great info to have around to share with my expecting friends.  As for the class itself, it was pretty "easy." I say easy because it was a basic class, but I say it in quotes because even the most basic yoga class should be a challenge if you're doing it right.  It was good to go basic, my body needed a little bit of a break after 3 intensive days of yoga.

Candle glow and flow

Thursday was an evening class titled "candle glow and flow yoga" at the Phoenician location and I really enjoyed the new poses.  We practiced side plank with top leg extended, bird of paradise {which I didn't realize I could still do, back from my cheer-leading and dancing days} and a few other pretty poses.  With 72 minute classes there is so much more time to play with the pretty poses!

Friday another 6:15 class.  Always energizing in the morning!

Saturday was the last of the classes, afterwards I received my 19 gift card to Metta Yoga which I fully intend on using for another class.  I wish I could afford to go there all the time.  I'm going to keep an eye out for another amazing deal with this studio, the classes were amazing!

If you're in the Phoenix area, I highly suggest checking them out.  They are amazing teachers and great locations.

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p.s. stoked to find a link up on the Pistachio Project blog for all things natural!

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  1. So fun!! Next time we're down (do I keep saying that? Haha!) Lets go! I'd be down to check out a class there and the free Lululemon class! I'm actually working on transitioning out of the studio I'm at now and moving on to other studios around town. Things are looking good so far and I am loving the idea of being able to walk or ride my bike to work. Love love. xoxo.