Friday, September 14, 2012

San Francisco and Petaluma Days 3, 4 & 5

Day 3 started with breakfast at Della Fattoria (long wait, slow service, expensive prices, BUT really, really tasty food).  Once was enough for us.
I really wanted eggs Benedict so I'm happy it was delicious!
The most expensive quiche I've ever bought {$10}
That afternoon we drove into the city.
We found a playground in the Golden Gate Park
Then we went to dinner, walking distance, at Marnee Thai
Sonja drank ALL that Thai Iced Tea then asked for another one.
The usual, peanut sauce tofu and pad thai.

Sunday, we had a lunch gathering at the Cousins' house since everyone was in town.
The setting by Cousin Nancy {her home}
Adorable Farm House charm!
and here's a small house tour...
Their dog Roxy died unexpectedly and they had her stuffed!
Sonja wanted to pet her, more than their living dog!!
I loved all her white and blue ceramics, some antique, some not.
Look at this spoon collection!
Dining Room mini mirror
The prettiest candle holders I ever did see, and a chandelier to match.
This is the original 1850s wood ceiling, unfortunately it's the only room with the restored ceiling.The rest were destroyed in a fire.
Every home should have a grandfather clock.
More blue and white.
Cozy nook at the top of the stairs, overlooking the garden.
A few of my favorite antiques in the room we slept in.
That "creepy" doll is an Italian antique and one of Nancy's {and my} favorite items on this shelf
The group watching baseball.
The Ladies making lunch.
Some flowers we brought {I forgot to get a photo of her farm sink, fail}
Fruit Tarts by Husband's Great Aunt Terry.
Wayne, the Birthday boy.
Enjoying Dessert.
Wayne and Gretchen on the patio, before they headed back to the city for their last night in town.

We took a short {45 minute} drive to the coast to see the ocean with Cousin Nancy.

Sonja loved this little pool and a new found stick.
On the drive back we stopped to use the restroom and the place we stopped at had gourmet cheese.  So, we got some brie and apples and enjoyed a late night snack when we got back to the house, along with some Asiago and walnuts.

Monday, {our last day} we went to Pier 39, it was a little too shopping mall-esque for my taste but we did get to see the bridge and the sea lions.
We walked around for a bit looking for somewhere to eat.
And we found this!
Boudin is one if not THE original sour dough company in San Fran.

I got this bread bowl with tomato soup and we enjoyed a nice lunch before heading to the airport.

Oh, and on our walk back to the car I noticed all the buses in this district were these vintage mint ones.  Could they be any cuter?!

And that was our trip!
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