Friday, October 26, 2012

Freebie Friday: Free Weekly Pre {non} Schooling Chart

I plan to stay home and educate my daughter {and future child} and the great thing about not sending her off to "school" is that I can create the education process that best fits our needs.  I can also start teaching her, whenever she seems ready to learn.  And this little girl is ready to learn!

This weekend, I came up with a little goal chart for us to use during the week...

My goal is that over a week we will fill in 3-5 spaces for each subject matter.  I don't want a set schedule with 10 am being for this or that, but I do want to make sure she's getting a well rounded exposure to all subject matter.  This little chart allows me to make notes and modifications as necessary.  I know some of these subjects might seem extreme for a two year old but you can modify them to whatever level your child is at.  For example, Science and Ecology could be a simple walk around the block where the child looks for different plants or animals and then learns about said plant or animal.  Same for Math, a trip to the coffee shop could result in a chocolate chip cookie treat, simply have the child count the chocolate chips and/or add and subtract the change from the purchase.  Simple activities are what creates learning for a small child.  As my kids grow so will my technique for teaching them!  Some of these boxes might get filled everyday. Reading, for example, will get a book title scribbled in each day!

Feel free to download the pdf version here or the excel version here {so you can edit if necessary}

Happy Non-Schooling!

p.s. I'm not sure I explained my term "non-schooling" anywhere on this blog, but basically, I don't like all of the components of unschooling nor do I like all the connotations of homeschooling.  So, I came up with my own term "non-schooling;" meaning I'm not sending my kids to school, but educating them to be life long learners.

Oh and here's a Resource I found helpful.

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