Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pregnancy Round 2 {17 & 18 Weeks}

I have absolutely no thoughts on week 17.  I can't, for the life of me, remember anything special that happened or didn't.  And in my opinion, my favorite weeks are the ones I hardly feel pregnant.  I think that's when I'm most comfortable.  I can do everything like normal, while still growing a person and that is really my favorite time during pregnancy.  I'm really just trying to enjoy this time as a mama to one and not think too much on how difficult it is with a brand new baby.  Life with Sonja is really easy.  I remember when she was first born feeling literally weighed down by all the responsibility and accommodations I had to make, and now that she's older I can pretty much do everything I want, whenever I want.

As far as week 18 goes, I do have some thoughts...
Constant kicking.  This week was full of tummy tickles.  I was driving in the car listening to broadway calls and baby just had a dance fest.  It was such a weird sensation, because when Sonja was that active she was much bigger so the sensation wasn't as ticklish, more jabbing and painful.

I officially am not comfortable on my stomach anymore.  Nor can I do certain yoga poses that require inversions or closed twists.  There is a stomach, or technically, uterus in my way.  The times I'm most comfortable are when I'm sleeping.  I have some discomfort in the evenings and prefer a semi-reclined position {even though I don't think that's good for my posture}.  Walking is more comfortable than standing still.  Lines anywhere makes me want to stab people.  Mostly because when I'm just standing still it feels like knives are in my back.  Must keep moving.

As far as exercise, I've been really consistant about my weekly yoga and going to the gym once a week.  Although, my goal is to add one to two more workout sessions a week for maximum strength training before labor.  We've only been walking with the dogs and stoller a handful of times during this pregnancy and it's on my MUST DO list {but to make myself feel better, I'd like to note that I walk all the time with Sonja just not in a structured/planned kind of way}.

Diet; I'm happy to report a lack of sweets cravings during this pregnancy.  Sometimes, I want a chocolate chip cookie or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream but usually only if I 1. see said treats, 2. smell said treats, or 3. am bored and think we could go on a family dessert date.  Also, speaking of diet, I'm drinking one cup of coffee over the course of a day and have not noticed any increased fetal activity in correlation to my caffeine.  I really enjoy coffee so I'm happy baby doesn't mind it either.

Health; Thanks to my chaparral oil I'm yeast free.  I'm still taking lots of garlic and probiotics but I do not have any systemic symptoms and since we're done breastfeeding I haven't noticed any thrush.

Appearance; I do look pregnant now, but again don't really feel it.  Or at least the huge, "oh my gawd, my body hurts," kind of pregnant I remember with Sonja.

And that concludes my bi-weekly update!  I'll post again around 20 weeks!  Thanks for following along, and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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