Thursday, February 28, 2013

Epoxy Bee Painting And Photo Transfer {a D.I.Y. How to Guide}

For my baby sprinkle recently I wanted to add a few bee artworks to display.  I ended up googling a few images and printing them really big (with TONER, not ink jet ink).  My Aunt's father cut wood to size and this is what I made...

Using Gel Medium, I covered the wood board evenly and then placed the image face down onto the wood.
Make sure the medium is as even as possible, work all the way to the edges. 
Place image face down onto the wood, so you can no longer see the image
Smooth out all air bubbles.
and wrinkles if possible.
Allow to dry over night
The next day, remove as much paper as possible, while dry.
THEN, spray with water and using your finger nails remove more paper fiber.
Just scratch it away gently in case you missed air bubbles.
Eventually, you'll want to switch to your finger instead of nail, because the fiber is really fine and you need to rub it off as opposed to scratching it off.
Normally, I'd remove more fiber, but since I was coating in Epoxy this was good enough.
On top of a trash bag pour epoxy resin mixture over image and cover evenly using a brush you don't care about.
Make sure to leave the brush on the trash bag to dry along with the painting.  Allow to dry overnight.  Anything the epoxy resin touches will be rock hard {or sticky if not mixed properly}.  DO NOT GET IT ON ANYTHING you don't want destroyed.  It's MESSY!!

I also made a collage type board.  Instead of transferring this image, I simply mod podged it to the wood board.
Using mod podge or gel medium, paint the wood board or BACK of the image.
Place image face up, so you can see it, on the board.
Then, I used some watered down brown paint to add texture and color.
Allow to dry overnight then rip off the raw edges of the image, anything not glued down was removed.
I painted another light layer of brown on the edges, so the white paper was not showing.
Add as much paint and texture here in this step as you'd like.  Allow to dry.
Once dry, mix epoxy resin and pour over painting to give it the final gloss effect.
I was in a hurry so I just mixed it directly on the image, although I recommend the cup method as instructed on the packaging.  I just didn't have two cups to waste.
You must mix equal parts WELL or risk sticky, toxic problems.
Once well mixed cover ENTIRE image with mixture
Make sure you're working on unopened trash bags or you could damage your work surface, or your artwork might also become glued to the surface, neither are a good option.
Allow to dry overnight.
Above, drying. Below, on display at my Baby Sprinkle 
{I just added a ribbon with nails on the back to allow for it to hang}.

Happy Photo Transferring!

*Disclaimer* I don't have the sources for these images, if you are the original artist please let me know so I can credit you.  I did not remove watermarks for these images, however when printed in black and white, one did lose it's signature.  Also, I don't EVER use copyrighted images to make money.  These are strictly for personal use.

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