Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Emily's Bridal Shower

This past weekend was my Sister-In-Law's Bridal Shower, hosted by yours truly.  After months of thrifting to find the perfect accents and place settings, the day finally arrived. Here's the whole event detail by detail, including the happy guests...
The Spread:
Organic Vanilla Yogurt with Organic Fruit and Granola
Sauteed Organic Asparagus with Orange Sauce {I had in the freezer from Easter}
Bosa Donut Skewers with Organic Fruit
Quiche from Lux
French Toast Casserole 
Champagne glasses from World Market $24 for 12 
Asparagus with Orange Sauce. 
Flowers from Whole Foods
Brie with Organic stone wheat crackers & Cheddar Cheese & Parrano from Whole Foods
More flowers from the one $10 bunch from Whole Foods.
Straws from Target
Drink Dispenser {from Pottery Barn} with homemade Lemon Ice Cubes 
Drink Details.
Goldware set from Brass Armadillo Vintage set
Assorted hanging tea cups from my personal thrifted collection
Vegetarian & Lorraine Quiche
Donut Holes on wood skewers with Fresh Organic Fruit 
Succulents and Tea Cup Accents! 
My attempt at chalkboard typography.
Along with set of thrifted plates from Brass Armadillo.
Napkins from Target 
A quick reminder to guests to #hashtag photos to create an Instagram album
We're not big on games at events but I did create a "word of Advice" station where guests could leave little notes offering newly wed advice.
That doll is a family air loom, gifted by the bride's great grandmother to the bride's grandmother.
Now, passed down for the Bride to be.
The Guests:
Like I said, I'm not into games at events; but to keep the guests entertained, I asked my friend Sommer to do henna.  It's an Indian wedding tradition and I knew the bride loved the concept.  
She charged me a very reasonable group rate and everyone received a small tattoo.
Isn't she amazing?! She free handed all of the tattoos without reference images.
During the gifts a guest wrote down everything Emily said and read them to her at the end.
She didn't know we were documenting everything, and the joke is everything she said during the gifts is what she'll say to her Husband on their wedding night...
I think these facial expressions are great examples of how funny it was. 
Husband snuck over for quick second with Vera so I could feed her, but all the guests wanted to hold her. 
After Gifts we enjoyed this beautiful {vegan} cake from Treehouse Bakery
Adorable and Edible Flower and Succulent
After guests left Sommer sat down to do detailed henna on the Bride's hands
The deal is as long as the henna lasts the Groom is supposed to serve his wife, she's not supposed to do anything.  No cooking, cleaning... I should have done this when I got married!
Beautiful right?!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse at Emily's Bridal shower! Happy Bridal Shower Planning!

p.s. after creating a watermark for every image and resizing for internet use, and uploading, I noticed the typo... not sure where my "s" went in "shower" but I am NOT re-editing every photos. please excuse my human error.

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