Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Food Club No. 8 {Scratch}

For our March food club meet up we had just a small group of 4.  I picked a new local french restaurant; Scratch.  Its less of a restaurant and more of a cafe, but it was a fun night out! Here's the full review...

We decided to sit on the patio because it was a perfect night.  Not too warm and a slight breeze. 
Here's a look at the inside from our table, the wall of photographs are all by the French owner. 
Here's the full Menu! and a look at the mimosa. 
Goat Cheese Medallions.  The side salad and dressing were delicious! 
Camembert Cheese Appetizer. Amazing! 
The burger and fries are hiding, but the fries were perfectly seasoned and from what I hear the burger was good too.
Here's my asparagus pesto linguine {I shared with my sister} 
Normally, we have a lot more entrees but such a small group and 2 of us ordered the same thing.

And we wouldn't go to a French cafe without saving room for dessert...
My favorite! Crème Brûlée
Out little group and our littlest {temporary} member!

The Review:
Favorite Appetizer: The Melted Creamy Camembert.  We liked the goat cheese medallions as well, but the camembert was definitely the best.  It had the perfect creamy texture and was delicious on the bread.  Well worth the seven dollars!

Favorite Entree: I ordered the linguine pasta since I eat vegetarian at restaurants   I do think that the lamb or filet minion would be a better choice for the meat eater, they seem like more French specialties.  My sister-in-law ordered an organic beef burger.  And while I didn't have any of the burger, I did steal a few french fries and they were perfectly seasoned.  Definitely a great choice.

Favorite Drink: We ordered lemonade and mimosas.  The lemonade was fountain, not fresh squeezed.  I should have asked before ordering but it just sounded so good, it wasn't.  The mimosas, on the other hand, were delightful! 

1-10 Service {0 worst, 10 best}: 9.5 We were greeted right away and served drinks promptly.   We waited for a bit for another friend to join us, but we ordered as soon as we requested to {before our friend was there} and food came out quickly.  The thing that really made the service special was when the owner came over to check on our table.  He saw me take pictures of the food with my camera and started talking to me about photography.  Apparently, he's a famous European photographer who worked with Canon and other photo companies reviewing products, lenses and software.  He made a very serious point about me getting the canon software that came with my camera, because it is such a great product... searching for the cds now! 

Cost {$  $$  $$$  $$$$!}: $-$$  I spent about $20 I shared two appetizers, ordered a lemonade and my sister and I shared an entree and we all split the dessert.  I got to try four items community style for about $26.00 {including 30% tip}.

Mistakes {corrections?}: Only my assumption the lemonade was fresh squeezed.  All the food was good and service friendly!

Reservations? I don't think so, it's more of a cafe and they mostly only had 4 seat tables, although, I'm sure they're not opposed to hosting larger parties.  It was a Wednesday night and moderately busy, I doubt you'd need a reservation during the week.

Would we eat there again? I think since its a cafe, I'd prefer it for breakfast or lunch.  But I will definitely be back for more pastries!

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