Thursday, October 17, 2013

Artwork by La Muneca y Yescka at the Hive {October 2013}

Last might my family and headed to the Hive to experience WALLSPEAK- ¡Prohibido olvidar! ¡Hay que hablar!

"Wallspeak is a transborder gallery show presenting a visual language of resistance and humanity, calling attention to the past and speaking ourselves into the future—A series of work that questions the visible and non-visible borders of oppression. La Muñeca is a Mexican-American, Phoenix based street artist that challenges the norms of race-politics and cultural representation through painted wheatpastes of both the beautiful and gritty realities of injustice. Yescka is a Mexican street artist visiting Arizona from Oaxaca, Mex. who denounces global social and political situations through graffiti, paint, woodcut, and stencil. Both artists make obvious the view of the oppressed in accessible locations in order to link art and public action. " -facebook event decription

I can't explain to you how much I enjoy LA MUÑECA's Artwork!  She's extremely talented and always inspiring me.  Below are examples of work and the work of Oaxacan Artist, Yescka (His facebook and website here). 
 The two met through a friend in Oaxaca this past summer while LA MUÑECA was traveling in the area.  They established an awesome friendship which can only be illustrated through the images below.  The two like minded artists display their work almost seamlessly together in a shared space, creating an effect of both resistance and peace.  Something about LA MUÑECA's work is calming to me, even with the aggressive subject matter, while Yescka creates a more violent yet satirical approach to the subject matter.
Along with the visual art, the event hosted spoken word and musical performances.
My Sister, Sister & Brother-in-law also enjoyed the event with me.
The space was filled with supporting members of the community. 
There was a musical performance by Shining Soul {their facebook page here}
Their lyrics focus on indigenous peoples and the concept of being an "illegal" immigrant, an interesting concept to be explored by someone who's ancestors were invaded by illegal immigrants (see also: Christopher Columbus).
The artist Yescka had a few amazing pieces of merchandise for sale.
Both of these pieces above by Yescka.
Above by LA MUÑECA 
Above; Yescka
Left; Yescka, Center; LA MUÑECA, Right; Yescka
Left; Yescka, Right; LA MUÑECA
Above; Performance Art
It was such an honor to speak with both artists.  I'm so proud of  LA MUÑECA for creating artwork that is opening up dialog and creating an international community full of like minded people. 

Hope this post inspires you to search out local art in your community, and if you don't have a strong community of artists, go out and create one!

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