Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boycott Nestle

I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday! I also hope you care about babies as much as I do, otherwise, this post may be irrelevant to you.

I was planning on posting this "Boycott Nestle" anyway today, but after my breastfeeding class last night I was even more amped to publish it. I learned so much amazing information about women and our bodies. I learned about the benefits of breastfeeding not only for the baby but also for the mother. Did you know that each child you breastfeed for a year reduces your risk for breast cancers by 25%?? Not only breast but ovarian cancer as well?! I knew that breast feeding was better than formula but I didn't realize how much better it really was for both the mother and the child. Did you also know that Nuns have the highest rate for ovarian and breast cancers? The theory is they have never birthed nor conceived a child, so they never had the hormonal combinations that prevent these cancers. Did you know formulas have been recalled over the past few years for various reasons such as Melamine, plastic particles found in the formula, plastic barriers not being properly sealed, metal shards found in formula, and many more reasons. None of these issues apply to breast milk. I can't get over how amazing human milk is and how terrible formula is. If you're wondering how human milk relates to the boycott of Nestle, I guess I should stop ranting and let you read my post:

If you're a repeat reader, you may have noticed the Boycott Nestle button on the left side of this blog. It is new and I think it deserves some explaining. I'm not boycotting Nestle because I don't like chocolate (although to be honest, I have always enjoyed vanilla a bit more). I'm boycotting them, with the support of hundreds of other people, because they kill babies. Seriously.


As it was explained to us by Mani, our birth education instructor, and now restated by me:
Nestle goes to third world countries or underdeveloped, impoverished areas and sends sales reps in lab coats (they look like American Doctors). The sales reps give "free" samples of formula to mothers (100% capable of making their own milk) and tell them their diet is insufficient and they should use formula. These women are misguided into using the formula, and therefore, stop producing their own milk. Then, Nestle stops giving away the formula and starts selling it. These families can not afford the formula (remember their milk was free!) and aren't making enough milk since they switched to the formula. So, they buy as much formula as they can and cut it with more (usually unclean) water than recommended, because... what else are they going to do?! and then the baby gets sick, from being under nourished, poisoned and dies.

Nestle kills babies.

Do NOT buy their products.

I've included the link below to give you the list of items made/owned by Nestle

for more information all you need to do is google nestle boycott and you will find more than enough info. on what they're doing.

a few items I will have to live without:
San Pellegrino
Purina (for my dogs)
and Cherrios

A small sacrifice to know I'm not contributing to the death of otherwise healthy babies.

I really hope you consider boycotting Nestle and other big businesses destroying natural healthy parenting and native life. If you're aware of other big businesses doing something similar or want to share your thoughts please leave a comment or two. Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue with a mindful, aware, and loving Tuesday.

Happy Boycotting (It feels good to NOT support bad people and shitty ideals).

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