Wednesday, September 8, 2010

D.I.Y. Master Closet Cover Up

Before I share this D.I.Y. Closet Make Over Before and After with you, I need to wish my mom a Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Okay, so I forgot that when I started this blog I didn't want it to just about Baby Cupcake and D.I.Y. crafts but also D.I.Y. PROJECTS, as in Home Re-Design Projects, I was reminded of the Befores and Afters I'd planned on featuring only when Gretchen showed me these guys:

So, here is a project from our home I did a about 10 months back. When we moved in to our home a little over a year ago, the master closet had no doors. very strange. I headed to a fabric store in town (overpriced-so I won't even mention their name). And, I found this extremely durable fabric and bought enough of it to have a 6inch over fold on the top and long enough to touch the ground. I didn't trim any off the sides, but made sure the fabric was wider than the closet. When you measure your space always add an inch or 2 to the amount so you have room for a hem. I bought the bar (actually a shower curtain bar) at Target or Home Depot I can't remember which one now, but they both own my homeowner's soul and I routinely give them my slave credits...

Also, everything in this house was light PINK when we moved in, with the help of a few friends and family we were able to eradicate it all. The wall you see below was specifically helped by my sister, she did a lot of the painting with me and although I'm getting restless of these color choices already- she did a great job.



Happy Home Make-Overing!

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