Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Ring OFF!

Finally, I got my wedding ring off! This of course, is NOT because of marital issues, rather swelling issues.

This whole pregnancy I've been reasonably comfortable (barring the morning [see: all day] sickness) but these last few days have been increasingly uncomfortable and awkward.

I took my almost too small to begin with wedding band off months ago as instructed, but felt sad every time I looked down and it was missing, so in disobedience of my What to Expect When You're Expecting readings I put it back on. And it was fine... until this past week. I mentioned I lost my ankles (really they come and go) and belly button recently, but also I noticed my fingers getting a bit pudgier in the last few days. I tried to take the ring off yesterday right when I woke up but it wasn't going anywhere. I held it above my head for about 10-15 minutes and also wrapped an ice pack around it for about 5 minutes- and even with the help of Husband, it wouldn't budge. He almost had it once, but I could feel my knuckles separating and for fear of dislocating my knuckle I begged him to stop. Which he did. I figured I try again later once my finger had a chance to recover. But every time I checked on it throughout the day it got worse and worse. So this morning as my alarm jolted me awake I promptly pulled and with a little tension and discomfort, I got it off!

I added it to a necklace Husband got me a few years back, and I'll probably wear it like this until our lil' Cupcake gets here (which shouldn't be too long now).

I still feel a little naked when I go to spin it, but at least my finger isn't going to turn blue from lack of blood flow now.

Happy Tuesday!

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