Tuesday, October 5, 2010

DIY Redecorated Guest Bathroom

Here is a little DIY Before and After for you.

This is the guest bathroom in our home BEFORE I got to it. Remember from previous posts, EVERYTHING in this house was pink when we moved in. And if you're paying attention you'll notice that's wall paper in the tub (no shower).

This is the AFTER.

I did a lot to this bathroom. With our tax credit money, we had the whole house re-piped, the old pipes were galvanized steel and we had them replaced with copper and plastic pipes. When they did this I also had them add a shower to the existing tub (not DIY, I know, but somethings are out of my abilities). I also paid someone to tile the shower (again, not DIY, but I watched... so I could maybe do it myself next time). I did pick out the colors and patterns and placement if that counts for something.

For the DIY part, which consists mostly of painting; I painted the bathroom with ultra pure white paint from behr. I also painted the cabinet and handles myself. I took out the drawers and removed the handles. I spray painted the handles silver and then spray painted the drawers black. I also had to paint the vanity and since I knew I wouldn't be able to spray paint it black or find a black to match I just painted it white. It creates a nice contrast and makes the drawers pop. I (with the help of family and friends) built that cabinet (from Target) and decorated it with reused candles from the centerpieces at our wedding. Zebra shower curtain and shabby chic "crystal" shower curtain hooks can also be found at Target.

Anyway, I think it looks better ;)

Happy Tuesday.

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