Monday, November 15, 2010

Birthday 2010.


This year, I'm a mom. Different than any other birthday before. Usually, I'm a selfish person. September 24, 2010 something changed. Sonja arrived and now she matters more than anything else ever before. Birthdays, before, were always my favorite day. It's the day everyone focuses on you. You are special, you are recognized. This year I still appreciate that, but realized I'm not the most important person in the world. And in a way, that makes me appreciate everyone's kind thoughts and love even more- since I realize how polite they're being.

With that said, here are my birthday gifts in the order they were received:

Necklaces from Alex (my bestest)

for her etsy shop click here!

Apron from Jaxon (my other bestest) originally from Anthropologie

Both of the above from Husband, prints by Angelique Houtkamp

Another poster/print/present from Jaxon, by Shepard Fairey

And my pre-birthday dinner last night:

blurry husband and sleeping baby- she's dressed like a boy, but she's wearing pink underneath all those layers, and I didn't edit this photo, no flash and talking husband makes a ghost picture.

Our pizza

Shaken Lemonade I had a sip of- so good!
The salad I've been craving for months :)

So far so good. cake tonight with family and friends!!

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    Happy Birthday! I LOVE your apron. I love anthropologie!!!